Monday, June 4, 2012

Kickball! Or... let's not grow up.... and beer!

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Just had to share this story as it got me thinking more..  

Yesterday I was up on our roof, clearing off some pine needles and cleaning out the gutters.  We live adjacent to the football and baseball fields at the middle school.  I could hear some guys yelling and cheering from up there, so assumed they were playing softball on the field.  However, there was this distinct thumping/pinging sound that was oddly familiar...  I moved a bit to see through the trees..  that awesome sound was that of a guy kicking a classic red cherry ball...   they were playing kickball!

I thought... wow... kickball..  I remember how much fun that was as a kid to play..   you didn't need any equipment... just something to turn into bases, and a good bouncy cherry ball.  Listening to them hooting and hollering made me smile.  It's that whole "never grow up" mentality.  I think we all need to recapture and keep that joy of childhood play in everything we do.  I know that for running, that is a big part for me.  I keep running primarily because of how fun it can be... just for the sheer freedom of being able to do so.  I mentioned this a little in my post about kids running here, and I really do believe we could all gain by keeping that playfulness near the top of our priority list.

Now, don't get me wrong. Pushing the childhood joys of just having fun doesn't mean dropping all responsibility.  I didn't jump down off the roof and fun over to join the game (although the thought crossed my mind), since I had things I knew needed to be done that day.  BUT.. that being said, I made a mental note that I need to look at incorporating something like that kickball game into life.  So, a word of warning to my monthly poker buddies...  we may need to put together a kickball game soon... just for the sheer fun of it.

Now.. speaking of FUN... I am catching up on all the great podcasts on Trail Runner Nation (They are awesome), and this particular podcast had a discussion about the Beer Mile.  I guess it's kind of an unofficial race event, but are pretty popular.  I mean, beer and running.. who wouldn't like that?   The deal is you run a 1/4 mile, you drink a beer (while stopped), run another 1/4 mile, another beer etc...   for a total of 1 mile and 4 beers.  I guess the trick is to not only run fast, but drink fast too!  Whoever came up with this one... pure genius!   I'm going to have to see if there are any around.. or set up my own! 

Speaking of Trail Runner Nation...   I'm loving the podcasts and it's a great site.  If you love trail running, I'd check it out and sign up (easy to do, and you can sign up using your Facebook too).  So.. check it out at  and check out the podcasts!

Ok... that's my ramblings for today...   stay tuned for more gear reviews soon, and hopefully some giveaways..    in the interim, nervously awaiting my first 10 mile race on Sunday... 

Happy trails!


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  1. Oh, heavens, a beer run would kill me - but I love the idea!
    Last time I played kickball I got smacked in the head bad enough where I literally saw stars and little tweeting birds!


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