Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello, my name is Jeff, and I'm a huarache-holic...

Invisible Shoes, Xeroshoes (green and brown), Tanner Sandals Timeless, Bedrock Earthquakes, Tanner Sandals Answer, Luna Leadvilles with ATS (and Monkey Grip Technology)

Yes...  I admit it...  I love huaraches.  Perhaps because my first foray into minimalist shoes were the Invisible Shoes 6mm Contacts (upper left). I ran in those late last summer and into the fall/winter (with Injinji toe socks).

Since that time I've branched out and ran in a number of different minimalist shoes, but I always enjoy the freedom of a great huarache when running.  Anyway, didn't realize how crazy my collection had gotten until I had them piled on the floor.

So far, I've posted a full review of the Bedrock Earthquakes (upper right), but stay tuned for full reviews on the Tanner Sandals, Xeroshoes (formerly Invisible shoes), and of course the Luna Leadvilles that just arrived.

I guess I never did an official review for the Invisible shoes 6mm Contacts, but look for a full review of the 4mm Xeroshoes in the killer "Gumby" green that I love...  

That's it for now...   BUT.. stay tuned for a few great giveaway posts that I'm working up (while trying to log some mileage for sandal reviews now that my knee is feeling much better)

Happy trails!



  1. You arnt kidden! It took me a while to get to vibrams..dont know if I would go huarache never know though...

  2. Come on Jeff!! You now have to say what your favorite one is. You can't show us all those shoes and not compare them. We just got our par of Unshoes and I'm really liking them so far. I like them more than the Invisible Shoes that we have.

    1. No worries! I'm madly swapping them around and logging miles in before the snow gets here! I'll have reviews up soon. As for a favorite? that is going to be a tough call! right now, if I had to pick one pair, it would be the Bedrocks... but I need to get more miles on the others :-)

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the link via Tribesports. That's quite the impressive collection!
    Speedy healing thoughts for your knee.
    Happy trails =)

  4. I am intrigued....I would try bedrocks just because of the name! L.

  5. Wow! I'm totally new to the barefoot lifestyle, but I look forward to reading up on it! Love your collection


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