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Alternative Energy Sources: The New Primal and Energybits Review and Giveaway!

No.. don't worry, this isn't a post about green energy alternatives to power our world... I'll leave those discussions to my buddy Matt over at!  He finds the most amazing geeky info around so check it out!

No.. this post is about fueling your runs or workouts.   During my marathon training runs I was experimenting with a variety of ways to fuel up before and during a run.  Of course I've run with the basic electrolyte/energy drinks and gels, but I also tried a variety of whole foods (dates, sweet potatoes etc).   In addition to this, I tried out a few protein type options... so here are a few reviews of some cool new products and a giveaway of course!

The New Primal is a relatively new company out of Charleston, SC founded by Jason Burke. The company is a result of his pursuit of better health through primal foods such as lean meat, and raw nuts, fruits and vegetables.

So.. what does The New Primal make?  Simply some of the best tasting beef jerky I've had..    Their jerky is hand-crafted from grass fed beef, gluten free/all natural,  and is minimally processed without the use of any preservatives, nitrites or artificial ingredients. 

Besides the grass-fed jerky, there are also three "trail" packs that include raw almonds and cashews combined with either cranberries, pineapple, or mango.   And yes... they are way tasty!

Sorry for the poor picture.  Food has to be one of the toughest things to photograph, and I'm a marginal photographer at best... so if it doesn't look appealing, trust me it's great stuff!!

I ended up tucking a pack of these in my waist pack on one of my 20 mile training runs...  about halfway through I stopped briefly and took the opportunity to refuel.  After running with just gels/water, there was something about the salty sweet crunchy chewy combo that was incredible.  Compared to some jerky, this may be a bit more saltier than I've had, but it was just what I needed during a long run.  These would be awesome for backpacking/hiking as well.

So how do you get a hold of some?  Right now, it is only available in certain stores, mostly in the SC area, but you can order them online at their website   Packs are $6.99 each for the 2 oz jerky, and 2.8oz trail packs.  Yes... a little pricey, but for great ingredients and artisan quality production, it's not bad.  And you can get discounts if ordering in quantity.

Ok.. now on to a slightly more unusual fuel source.  Energybits... according to the company are:

100% algae 60% protein & ONLY ONE CALORIE each! Healthy little snack and natural source of ENERGY to supercharge you, leaving you mentally and physically stimulated for any activity!

Ok.. so I don't know a lot about spirulina.. perhaps some of you do. I know its an algae that is packed with tons of vitamins and good stuff.  In reading more about it on the Energybits site, I learned that it is also the richest source of protein in the world.  It is basically like a super food energy drink, compacted into a small tablet.

Now, it is recommended to swallow about 30 bits before a workout in order to gain energy, endurance and mental clarity.  You can chew the tablets (they are food after all), or simply swallow them with water.  The packaging noted that you may have to work up to chewing them, as they have a pretty interesting flavor.  The boys were excited when I got the tin, but after opening it up and seeing green bits that smelled like fish food, they decided to pass!

The tin I sampled probably had around 50 or so bits, so I split it up and used it for two 10+ mile runs.  The key difference I noticed when using them was that it seemed like my energy level was a bit more balanced throughout the run.  Before trying these, I could sometimes tell when I was running out of energy from my pre-run meal and would work to keep things in balance refueling on the run.  I didn't notice this nearly as much when I started with the Energybits... things just seemed a bit more stable and perhaps I had more energy? I think I need to try these more to see.

The company also offers other types of "bits" which are basically either chlorella algae, spirulina, or a combination of both.  I only tried the Energybits (100% spirulina).

So how do you get some?  Bits are only available on the Energybits website at  and are sold in a foil pack of 1,000 bits for $115.  This is noted as a 1-2 month supply, but I guess it all depends on how much you take.  So, not inexpensive, but if you get results from it, it may be reasonable.

But.. if you would like to try a tin for your self, just leave a comment below and I'll choose one comment randomly on Friday February 8th after 8PM MST, and Energybits will send you a sample tin!

2/8/13 8:15 PM MST:  Congrats Tracy! You were randomly selected for the Energybits tin! 

Ok... thanks again as always for tuning in.  And as always, please leave me feedback, questions, rants etc below!

Happy Trails!



  1. I've heard of Energybits fairly often but not yet had a chance to try. Thanks for the chance at winning a sample tin.

  2. I've tried to get a sample from Energybits once before and they never came, but I still want to try them. I have 5 kids and if I'm going to justify buying something like that I'd prefer to try a small amount 1st just to see how I like/react to them.

    I am looking up the "snacks" you posted about as well. Always looking for things like that.

    1. Cecil I'm sorry to hear your samples never arrived - email me at and I'll get another one sent!

    2. I'll do that now. Thanks Jonathan! And thank you Jeff for giving me the heads up!

  3. I've had spirulina in the past and it did seem to help, but I've never tried energybits specifically! I think I'd like to give them a try... and the beef jerky/fruit combo sure sounds delicious!

  4. They sound interesting, and I agree with your kids- they do look like fish food. I would like to try them because who couldn't use more mental clarity and energy!?!

    1. Congrats! Your comment was randomly selected and you win the Energy Bits sample!

  5. Those sound like a good energy source. Did you have any trouble with your stomach on those 2 runs?

    1. Hi Jennie,

      I really didn't have any issues.. but things don't bother me too much. I just added it to my normal routine and it worked great.. looking forward to try it again.

  6. I'm training for my first marathon and am still trying to find the best way of refuelling during my long runs. Can't wait to try energybits

  7. We can all use some extra energy, HUH?
    But a green pill, LOL
    Could be worth trying :)


  8. I just added it to my normal routine and it καυστήρες pellet worked great.. looking forward to try it again.

  9. Thanks for the recipe of such wonderful energy drink in green. It looking so healthy.
    Green drink


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