Sunday, March 24, 2013

DNS, DNF, DFL... but DNSU??

So... yes, I've learned the acronyms... Did Not Start, Did Not Finish, Dead Freakin' Last...   all around struggles with races...  but this week I create a new one... DNSU...  as in Did Not Sign Up!

If you've been following along, I had my goal set to attempt my first ultra marathon in May, with the Greenland 50K.  Well, I've come to the hard decision that it's not the right time, and that I need to change my expectations. For a while I was really bummed...  but, feeling better about the decision now.  So.. what excuses do I have?  Well.. not really excuses..   I just decided I should truly listen to my body like we all tell each other we should.  Any my body says... uh.. dude...  yes we can run more than 26 miles..  but not 6 weeks from now.

Ok fine!  BUT... I know I need to have a major distance goal on the horizon, but far enough out I can plan a good training time frame leading up to it..   In the interim, there are a lot of shorter (i.e. 10K to 1/2 marathons) this year that I would love to try... and especially trail races... so I'll focus on that..  and hopefully resolve a nagging Achilles issue that has been hampering my training miles.
So...  my next race will be the Big Mountain Trail run in April.  Going to run the 10K (I did this one last year), so hoping for a PR.  But more importantly, I'm looking forward to running this one with my friend Matt as it will be his first race!  And yes, with my incessant ranting/raving, Matt is pursuing the path of a solid barefoot/minimalist runner!   So, this will be great fun.

But... what about my next long run goal?  Should it be a trail marathon, or an ultra?   Here are two I am considering:

Ok... so this one sounds totally crazy, but totally fun.  It's a 9 hour and 11 minute run around a 1 mile looped trail in Longmont, CO.  Just to see how far you can go...
OR... do I sign up for this marathon in Colorado Springs?  It is kind of a trail marathon.. mostly on a packed dirt trail... and slightly downhill (bonus!).   And, I could possibly qualify to run the Pikes Peak Marathon in 2014.

Anyway...  anyone out there run either of these and have any feedback?  Have you recently DNSU'd?  Drop me a line here, or comment on Facebook and let me know!

As for now, off to the slopes for some spring break skiing!

Happy Trails..



  1. It's hard to come to the realization that you're not ready for a particular race (I just dropped from a full to a half in Fargo) but it's also a great lesson learnt that will pay off in the end. Good on you!
    And I say go for Colorado Springs! Especially if you could get an entry in Pikes Peak!

  2. Well, at least you were able to step back and make a decision that was conservative. As runners we all usually go in head first with reckless abandon, or at least I do :)

    The American Discovery one looks pretty neat I think.


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