Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All Terrain Eyewear: Switch Stormrider MultiSport Sun Glasses Review

Hey!  Yes, I realize it's been awhile since a post or a review, and I apologize.  Life just seems to happen in different ways, and never on a schedule of course!

Today I'm really excited to bring you a review of one of the latest offerings from Switch, the new Stormrider MultiSport sunglasses!

If you have been following the pics I post on Facebook, you'll know that I love my Switch H-Wall glasses (with their trademarked Magnetic Interchange Lens System).  I wear them exclusively because they work so great, and I love being able to swap out lenses in a flash.  Check out my review by clicking HERE, but come right back and check out the latest!  Stick around, as the cool folks at Switch are providing me a pair to giveaway to one of you as well :-)

Ok... so what's cool and new about the Stormrider? Switch has taken their Magnetic Interchange system in a new direction, allowing you to convert these from "regular" sunglasses, to a full on Multisport eyewear system that really performs!

The Stormriders come with two sets of interchangeable eye cups that snap in and out super fast.  The Activity Guard pictured above is a soft padded eye cup over a stiffer plastic frame.  When inserted in the glasses, it forms a seal around your eyes, but with venting above and below for air flow.  Basically it converts a great pair of sunglasses into weather proof goggles!

What I really like about this guard is that it fits comfortably, and it really reduces any impacts of wind on your eyes.  I tested these not only trail running, but mountain biking in a heavy wind as well.  The Activity Guard inserts blocked out almost all of the wind, allowing me great vision in a head wind, as well as great sun protection.

In addition to blocking wind (while not fogging over), an added benefit I didn't anticipate was the light blocking from the side.  With many glasses, you can't help but get some glare from the sun behind the lenses, depending on your angle to the sun while running.  The guards on the Stormriders eliminate that, allowing clear comfortable vision regardless of the angle.  I am legally blind in one eye, and that eye is particularly sensitive to bright sun, so I LOVE this feature... no more squinting or tearing up...

In addition to the Activity Guard, the Stormriders also ship with a pair of Climate Guards that can be switched in and out easily.  The difference here is that it is a true form fitting rubber cup, designed to provide a more weather resistant seal (think rain, snow etc).  I did not have an opportunity to test these in such conditions, but I did wear them on a few runs.  They don't breathe quite as well as the vented guard, but they still allow some slight airflow in near the nose bridge.  So far, the Activity Guard has served me well for running, biking, and hiking. I'm also really looking forward to wearing these skiing instead of bulky goggles!

Each pair of Stormriders come in a sturdy zippered case, including the two sets of eye guards, carrying case for the extra guards, a cleaning wipe, and a strap.  Ah yes.. the strap! I almost forgot.  The temples include a clip in spot for an adjustable strap the help secure the Stormriders and to provide a better seal with the eye cups. I have a larger head/face, so I really haven't needed to use it, but I think it would be very handy if you needed to ensure a more snug fit to your face to ensure the guards work as intended. And I guess they may keep them on your head in case of a face plant.  I've lost some sunglasses into the woods before when I've taken a header trail running!  The Stormriders are noted as being a medium fit size, but fit my bigger head no problem.  My guess is that if you have a medium to small face, the strap may be more important.

Oh.. and late breaking news.  The Stormriders work GREAT for motorcycle riding!  I bought a trail bike over the summer, and the Stormriders work perfect for keeping the wind/mud/small animals out of my eyes so I can see where I'm going!

Ok, at this point, the Stormriders are new enough that they are not up on the Switch website for ordering, but I believe that is being worked on!  In the interim, if you are interested in more info about these, contact Switch at this link

As always, if you have any questions/comments/feedback, please leave a comment below or on the Facebook page!

And, you know the drill.  I'd love to give you a pair of Stormriders!  Enter below via the Rafflecopter thing-a-majig.  I'll run this contest until 10PM MST, Wednesday September 3rd, 2014. Contest is open to the residents of the U.S.A and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and happy trails!



  1. These look like they would be great. Really versatile looking. I want to try a pair!

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  2. Those look cool! Nice year-round activity glasses...seems like they'll be really good for skiing. I want some!

  3. i'm in search of a solid pair of sport sunglasses - mostly for running, but given the Switch versatility they might be something special!

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