Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's do this! Less than 3 days to my first 50 miler!

Ok.. here's another familiar post about being a little nervous/freaked about an upcoming milestone race!   Familiar because I just wrote one of these 3 weeks ago before the TommyKnocker Ultras 50K+! 

Well, although I was concerned about being prepared, I managed to complete that rugged 50K and felt surprisingly good afterward.  I had told myself that if I came out of that one unscathed, I would call it my last long training run before my first 50 miler.... so here I am, on the brink of finishing 50 miles this Saturday...   I didn't say attempt, I said finish...    dang, now it's in writing!

I think I may be more excited about finally being able to put this sticker on my car (From Endurance Decals).  He sent it to me along with my Trail Ultra runner decal I got after completing my first 50K in May, and it's been staring at me on my keyboard since then!

And this is right where it will go...   and yes, just enough space to add a 100K and 100M!  However, there is plenty of time for that...  my goal was to do a 50K and a 50 miler before I turn 50 at the end of November. Then I'll have another 50 years to finish a 100K and a 100 miler! :-)

So am I ready?  Ready as I'll ever be I guess, although I don't feel like I've run enough of course, but I think that feeling will always be there.  Also, I managed to pick up a head cold late last week and have been trying to shake it since then.  Just about gone, but on the plus side I think it forced me to taper more than perhaps I might have.

Mt Carbon.. high point of the looped course (4 X 12.5 mi)

So, I'm really looking forward to this race, since I've heard such great feedback from many other's that have run it in the past.  Also, I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of folks that I've chatted with via the Colorado Ultra Runners, Front Range Ultra Runners (FRUR), and the Trail and Ultra Running groups on Facebook... such a cool and supportive community!

1 of 3 water crossings each lap.. gonna get wet 12 times!

I'm also really happy that this race allows pacers late in the day for 50+ milers, so I am stoked that my friend Mark Lofquist from Paleo Runners is taking time out to run the last 12.5 mile loop with me... and after 37.5 miles, I'm using the term "run" rather loosely :-)

Ah yes... this will be my strategy.  Going to take it slow and easy to start... smile a lot... and from a fueling perspective, I shall EAT ALL THE THINGS! So this is an early warning to the aid stations to look out!  I think I managed my last 50K well by fueling and hydrating early and often, and I will put that into play again... especially with the expected heat (mid 80's).   Bottom line is, I'm going to enjoy this race and the entire experience.   I know... my non-running friends and family think I'm totally nuts... but that's ok... could be worse things to be nutty about!

Finally, while I have a ton of INKnBURN shirts.. this may have to be on my list to get, to celebrate a year of 50's..    wow.. 50...  I'm almost middle-aged!

Oh.. and speaking of milestones, this week the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page broke 1,000 "likes", and this blog has exceeded 1/4 million blog visits since I started it almost 3 years ago! I am stunned and also humbled by all of you who have taken time to join me on this journey.  Thank you so much!  If you check out my FB page, I posted a status there about hitting these milestones. If you like or comment you will be entered to win a BI logo t-shirt and whatever other swag I round up for you! If you aren't on Facebook, leave a comment here and I'll put your name in the drawing as well.

Ok... thanks again for taking time to read my random ramblings...    have a great week and weekend!  I'll post a race report back up here as soon as I can after the race on Saturday...     OH... and if for some strange reason you want to track me that day, go to this link to get updates (and you can download iPhone and Android apps to do the same here):  (Jeff Gallup)

Happy Trails!


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  1. This is exciting! I'm thinking of running a 50 miler next Fall around my birthday.


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