Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Look! Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Sport Sandal!

Aha! So I've been wondering what Mr. Sashen over at Xero Shoes has been up to lately...  and now I (and you) know!

Today is the pre-launch announcement of the Amuri Z-Trek sport sandal pictured above!  I just got a pre-release pair last week, and I'm really impressed!   This is not really a true review, as I've only been wearing them a short time, and have not been able to run in them (since I'm not a huarache snow runner), but I really wanted to share my first impressions ahead of the full release next week.

So, the Z-Trek is based on the same sole as the Ventures (5.5mm), but obviously have a totally revamped lacing system.  The wide nylon straps cross over the foot, versus a between the toe type set up.  There are two points of adjustment, across the front of the foot, and a velcro connector over the heel.  Once you dial in the front adjustments, all you need to do us slide in and out via that back of the sandal, tighten up and go.

I've been wearing these around the house, but as I noted, I haven't got to run in them yet!  But be certain that I will and I'll provide a full detailed review.  I am really curious as to how secure the "across the foot" style works, versus between the toes, especially running down hill.  But right now they feel very secure and comfortable.

The only minor thing I noticed was a little poking in my foot under the stitching by the big toe, and again on the outside connector stitching.  Upon further inspection I notice a small nylon thread just barely poking out, so I simply snipped it a tiny bit shorter so it fell below the surface of the material... problem solve!   Of course, the true test will be how the fit over a longer run, but hopefully find out once Spring arrives :-)

In addition to the Z-Trek, Xero Shoes has also revamped the lacing system on the Amuri Cloud and Venture!  Anyway, to celebrate the launch of the Z-Trek and the new lacing system, Xero Shoes is giving away a ton of stuff!   Take a minute to learn more from the video below... AND you can click HERE to jump to the Xero Shoes giveaway page...   Z-Trek's should be available for order next week!

Happy trails!


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