Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ultra Chafing... ouch! Medi-Dyne 2Toms ButtShield Review

Yeouch!...    been there, done that. For those of you that may think of chafing in the nether regions is TMI... don't read any more.   BUT... if, like me, you like to run (or bike, hike, ride) crazy miles, then you probably want to read on about a cool product from 2Toms.  


I discovered the joys of chafing after moving into longer distance running... and I learned the hard way that certain areas aren't happy about rubbing together or against fabric for miles and hours on end.  And yes, you just don't know how bad it is until you hit that shower.  

So, I wised up and have used a variety of products to minimize and eliminate that painful issue.  

Most recently I was introduced to 2Toms, part of the Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products collection of brands. 

I have been pretty happy with using Chamois Butt'r up to this point, but of course I'm always looking to test out other products on the market.... just for YOU  :-)

For this review, I tried out two versions of the butt shield.  A roll-on, and single-use wipes.  And what a better way to test them, but at the 24 Hours of Palmer Lake earlier this month!  I know.. I know... NEVER try out new things on race day!  So yes, I took a risk.... and, as noted above, you don't always know you chafed until its too late.... but, I like to live dangerously I guess ;-)

So, here is a snapshot of the package with the product info.  What is interesting is that it doesn't mention ultra running....   but I totally think it should!

Prior to running for 24 hours, I did apply a healthy dose of butt shield to... well, my butt... thighs, nether regions etc...   I used the roll-on.  What I found interesting about this product is that it applies very thin and light.... not gloppy or greasy really.  And that had me a little bit worried..  would it work?  

Well...  I normally reapply anti-chafing stuff after 9-10 hours, or a 50K distance.  So, at Palmer Lake, I ended up reapplying with the single-use wipes after 50K.. and one more time at 50 miles.  And again, the wipes were similar to the roll-on, where I was worried it was really going to work...   but... it DID..    How did I know?  I had a nice hot shower about 28 hours after starting the race and no screaming!  I admit, I was prepared for the worse, because unlike other products I've used (which can be thick, or greasy), it just didn't seem like I had enough product on there, but wow.... I was impressed.  And the, single-use wipes are super easy to throw in a drop bag, or carry in your pack... so chafe no more!

Needless to say, 2Toms is now part of my ultra-running arsenal of performance products..   So thank you Medi-Dyne and 2Toms! 

Happy Trails (and no chafing)!


Human Potential Running Series

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received 2Toms ButtShield for free from Medi-Dyne as coordinated by Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication.

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