Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shamma Sandals 2016 Warrior Review!

It's huarache season!  Well, ok, I realize it has been for sometime now, but as usual, I am behind.  Combined that with being injured and unable to run (grr.... Plantar Fasciitis) has had me lagging a bit.  But no worries! I finally realized I should spend this time that I can't run on blogging/reviewing, and perhaps bike riding/cross training as well.

So, to kick it off, I have my first of two new huarache reviews!  As you know, my first foray into minimalist running was in sandals, so I have a soft spot for any trail running huaraches out there.

So today, I have an updated review of the Shamma Sandals Warrior.   If you've been around a while, you may remember my original review of the Shamma Sandals Mountain Goat and Warrior which you can check out HERE.  And, stay tuned at the end to win your own pair of Shamma Sandals!

Today's review is of the updated Warrior sandal that I had originally tested almost a year and a half ago.  Like many of the new up and coming companies I've tried, Shamma Sandals has been hard at work continuously improving and enhancing their product for the better.

So what's new since the last time I reviewed the warriors?  Well, quite a bit.  

First off is a new "Y-Post" connector on the inside of the sandal, replacing the original "fold over" of the straps as they wrap around the sole.  Shamma has done a nice job with this... streamlined, relatively smooth, and comfortable.  Combined with the dual velcro adjustments on the heel and across the foot, the Warriors are easy to dial in a good fit. 

Another big change is the grip top foot bed now available.  My original Warriors had the goat skin foot bed, which I really like, but the performance of this new grip top is really great.  I like it as much or better than the MGT found on the Luna sandals..   Nice and tacky, but not overly so, and they retain a decent grip when fully wet, and dry out/drain nicely. 

When you combine that foot bed with a super flexible Vibram sole, you get a sandal that wraps to your foot, keeps your foot stable, and grabs the trail well.  Now, keep in mind, these sandals are 5mm at the tread, and 2-3mm at the base of the tread, so you are going to feel everything... so watch your step! 

And as you can see, the tread is good for trails.. nice grip, but the treads don't get too gummed up either. 

Finally, the new Warriors come in at a trim 3.6 oz (size 10.5), which is pretty lean and mean!

So.. overall, I really like the new and improved version of the Warrior.  I've logged about 35 miles in these, so hopefully when I get back to running more, I can log more and see how they hold up, but so far they seem really sturdy, especially considering how minimal they are. The only slight improvement I would hope for would be to eliminate a little of the scratchiness that is sometimes felt at the seams, but that is fairly common, and I've noticed it lessening as I log more miles on them. 

Power Strap

Also, a very recent addition is the new "Power Strap" for those that want added stability and security for running those really gnarly trails... These straps fit across the front of your ankle to help lock down your fit. 

Want to give them a try?  Thanks to Josh at Shamma Sandals, I'm stoked to be able to give away one pair of Shamma Warriors to one of you!  Enter via the Rafflecopter thingamabob below... and good luck!

I'll run this contest until Thursday, July 21st 2016 (10PM MST). Open to the US only. 

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As always, if you have any questions/comments/feedback/heckling etc, leave a comment below, or on the Facebook page HERE.

Thanks again, and stay tuned for more reviews to come!

Happy trails!



  1. always try out some of the coolest gear.
    2nd...I love that I don't have to wear socks and that my feet stay cooler....except when standing in the sun.

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  3. Looks like good updates on the Warriors!

  4. The power strap seems like a great idea!


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