Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Still enjoying Presbyopia... ThinOptics update!!

OK...  This is just a quick update on some cool new happening at ThinOptics...  Who or what are ThinOptics??

Well... if you are like me and are experience the joys of presbyopia, or "I can't read anything small without reading glasses", then this is for you.  First of all, click HERE and read my full review of the incredible ThinOptics.

A truly innovative and amazing product that I can't live without! Seriously...   I have two smartphones (work/personal), and I have a universal case attached to the back of each.  I mean, that is where you need them the most!

And they are perfect...  not only are they super light weight, easy to use, and comfortable, but they are backed by an incredible warranty!  I did manage to have a pair break along the bridge, and I was so sad, but one quick email and they were replaced immediately!

So, besides working amazingly well, they are backed by superior customer services.

Now.. here's the latest!  ThinOptics now come in a wide variety of colors, and some cool case options (metallic is available) which weren't available when I first reviewed these.  But the coolest thing?  This sweet new keychain version... check it out!

Is that cool or what??  And, once extracted, the readers simply pop off to be worn, and then snapped easily back into the case.

Anyway, don't take my word for it...  check out ThinOptics by clicking HERE, or on the banner on the left and you can get 15% off PLUS free shipping...

OK.. thanks for stopping by.. have a great week!

Happy Trails!


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