Sunday, August 9, 2020

Xeroshoes Mesa Trail and Colorado Review!


Feel the World with Xeroshoes!

Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a great summer, despite the world being turned upside down!  

Hopefully you all have been getting out in the great outdoors this summer (where it is safer), and just enjoying being out there.   I've been pretty good about getting daily walks/hikes/runs in, and I've done a lot of that in Xeroshoes! 

As you may know, Xeroshoes released 6 new shoes this Spring, and I've been spending a lot of time in two of these... the Mesa Trail, and the Colorado.  Yes, I'm a little late in reviewing, but at least now I can give you a solid review, versus first impressions :-)  

So let's start with the Mesa Trail. Above is a short video from my first impressions after receiving them in the Spring.  Since then I've logged a few hundred miles in them...  trail runs, neighborhood walks, hikes, and just general every day use.  Short version? Love them...  Longer version.. stay tuned. 

I thought it might be handy to provide a comparison of the Mesa Trail to the Terraflex I had been running/hiking on trails up until receiving the Mesa Trail.  As you can see, the Mesa is a leaner and maybe meaner version of the Terraflex.  They certainly are designed more for trail running/racing, versus the Terraflex, which, although works for trail running, is a bit more clunkier than than the Mesa. 

And to that point, you can see the Mesa Trail in a Men's 11 comes in over 25% lighter at 8.6 oz versus 11.6 oz for the Terraflex.  I could certainly feel that difference when switching over to the Mesa Trail. 

How do they feel?  I really love the light weight feel, and the overall performance of the shoe.  What it reminds me most of is the old school original Merrell Trail Glove.  Not sure exactly why.. maybe its the styling, and the overall feel.  But it reminded me of that shoe (which I loved), but with a roomier toe box.  So that's a great combination!  

As I noted, I've put a few hundred miles on these, and I have no complaints really.  They are holding up well, with the exception of some tread wear, but that is more on me for putting too many road miles on them :-).   The soles is a 5mm FeelTrue rubber sole, with 3.5mm lugs, combined with a 2mm foam insole (easily removed).  With the insole, the shoes still give some great feedback and a good minimalist feel (as in watch your foot placement on the trail!). 

Two thumbs up...  check them out HERE. 

Next up.... the Colorado!

Now these are cool...  perfect active lifestyle shoe for the state it was named after!

The styling reminds me of the Keen sandals our boys used to live in when they were smaller, but way less clunkier!  As you can see above, the size 11 comes in very lean for as protective as they feel.  The 5.5mm sole is flexible but solid, and of course they do awesome in water..   I've worn these pretty much anytime I wasn't wearing the Mesa Trails, and I love the easy pull on and off with the flexible heel strap.  Biggest surprise was how comfortable they are on the inside to your bare feet.  After wearing socks all winter I was concerned it might be an adjustment, but had no issues at all shifting to barefeet in these sandals (shoes?) Shandals... Sandoes...   whatever :-)  

Regardless of what you want to call them, they are an awesome multi-activity shoe for getting outside and doing the things you love, rain or shine.  I love the open feel of a sandal, combined with some great protection (like when I kick boulders and stuff).   If you are looking for a vegan, zero drop, all activity shoe with a 5,000 mile sole warranty (like all Xeroshoes), them check them out HERE!

Thanks again as always for tuning in.  Speak of which.. stay tuned for the big FALL 2020 release from Xeroshoes!  I should have three (3) new reviews coming out this month (August 2020) highlighting three new models from Xeroshoes, including an awesome casual shoe for the ladies (review courtesy of my awesome wife ;-) 

Happy trails!!


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