Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Get Naked! Nakefit Review and Giveaway!


Ok, now that I have your attention..   check out this cool new product from Nakefit!


So who or what is Nakefit? Nakefit started a few years ago as a startup through Kickstarter, providing a very cool product that brings barefooting to a much larger audience. 

There was a period of time that I worked very hard to run and walk exclusively barefoot, but it was a challenge, especially during the winter months in Colorado.  I found that I just couldn't keep the conditioning up, so instead I run in minimalist shoes and sandals... hence all the reviews here :-)

So what is Nakefit?  Basically I see it as a second "skin" you can apply to your foot... achieving that added protection of a well calloused foot.  They come in a variety of sizes, and feel like a very thick K-Tape type of material, only foot shaped!

They come in a pack of 3, and retail for $19.99 a pack (however when I look at the web page today, they are $14.99 on sale!) 

So how do they work?  See the series of pics below from the first time I tried them out:

I actually followed the instructions, and boom.. ready to go!   I ended up wearing this pair for a full day, including a two mile walk around the neighborhood (mostly sidewalk and asphalt).  I did venture on to a little bit of trail, and that was fun as well.  Here's how they looked at the end of the day:

So as you can see, there was a little peeling up in a few spots, and obviously some wear, but I would attribute some of the adhesion issues to it being my first time getting them positioned well and stuck on.  I was pleasantly surprised that they held up this well, and did what they were supposed to do. Especially because I also worked out during the day, and got a little sweaty then. 

It was a bit of work to get them off, and I did notice that there was some residue that remained on my feet, but after some conscientious scrubbing, I got most of it off first try. 

What I really loved about them was that I was able to go out and get that barefoot feeling, without having to walk as gingerly, or experience that sting of the tiniest of rocks etc.  It felt closer to how it felt back when I had spent months conditioning my soles to stand up to extended distances on rough surfaces.  Of course, still a little more difficult in the winter, so I am really looking forward to warmer summer weather to wear these more often!

Want to see more?  Check out the video above by clicking this link HERE.

Want to try them out?  To earn entries to win one of three 3 packs the cool folks at Nakefit are providing, earn entries below via the Raffle-copter doo dad.  Contest will run through 10pm MST on Wednesday February 17th, and is open to residents of the US only.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks and happy trails!!


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  1. Nice review, I think I will sit this one out though. My feet are "sensitive". Nice to see a product to help protect feet when people are barefoot running.


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