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Xeroshoes Fall Release 2022!!




Can you believe it?  An actual blog post, versus just sharing stuff on Insta or Facebook!  Yeah.. realized that my last real post was a gift giving guide last year, and here we are almost being that time again! 

Anyway, hope any of you out there that have stuck around are doing well.  I'm doing ok... I'll admit the last 3 years have been rough. Pandemic aside, I've also lost both my parents over this time, and I've just fallen out of the realm of trail running.  However, I am feeling inspired with Fall here to get going again.  I did manage to zombie walk the 24 Hours of Palmer Lake this year after a 3 year hiatus..  I stayed awake and managed 44 miles, and that gave me a boost, so time to do some work on myself and perhaps get back to those trail ultra's I fell in love with. 

Here's a few pics :-)

Anyway.. enough about me... time to get back to reviewing some cool shoes!!


It's time for the Fall Release from Xeroshoes!  If you have been a follower for a while, you know I've done a lot of reviews for them, and I've been fortunate to be an affiliate partner with them since the beginning (10 years!), and the original DIY sandals! Check out my original review from October 2012 HERE!

Xeroshoes has come so far in the last 10+ years, continuously expanding their line of sandals and shoes, and continuously improving them as well.  

Today I'm excited to give you some initial impressions of three new styles out for Fall 2022 (but be sure to check them all out HERE). 

So today I've got an unboxing and initial impressions on the Mesa Trail II, Denver Boot, and the Forza Runners.  

Xeroshoes Mesa Trail II

First up is the Mesa Trail II. This is a new version of the original Mesa Trail that was released last year, and yes, they did pass the Mr. Chips seal of approval after he had a minute to sniff them :-) 

So whats new? Well, the upper has been restructured to have a softer toe cap and overall upper by using a fusing versus stitching method for the reinforcements.  So far, all great improvements over the original Mesa's.   Check out the video below for the unboxing and side by side compare:

Xeroshoes Forza Runner

OK, now we'll move off the trail and back to to road.  I know I know... but sometimes you can't get to the dirt and fun stuff and you run roads ;-)

The Forza Runner is a really cool road running shoe that has a super light and minimal feel (which is the goal!).  Also, you can see that rather than a tongue, the Forza is design more like a sock or bootie, and they are very soft inside.  As always you can remove the insole for an even more minimalist feel. 

The Forza's sport a 6mm stack height, plus a 3.5mm removable insole.  The shoe is very comfortable with or without the insole for sure.  While these 11's come in right at 8 oz, they feel much lighter. The only tricky part about these, is that they can be a little snug to get on at first, since there is no tongue to loosen, however the heavy duty loop on the heel certainly helps!  Once on though, really comfortable. 

Check out the unboxing below:

Xeroshoes Denver Boot

Ok.. finally we've left the trail for the road, and now we leave the road for a casual wear boot! The Xeroshoes Denver Boot.  This boot is made with real leather, and includes a nice and cozy flannel lining, and a super flexible minimalist sole. 

In addition to the lining, they also include a heat reflective sole, so they should be nice and warm this winter!  Also, they are water resistant, although I haven't had a chance to try that yet since the weather has been reasonably nice. 

And as you can see, a decent tread (but not crazy), and the super flexibility that you would expect from Xeroshoes.  

So, as a casual boot, these are awesome, and I look forward to wearing them more in cooler weather.  However, I did have a recent business trip (first one in ages), and I decided to snag these boots and pair them up with my business attire.  They work!  I think they look good, and better yet, they feel great.

Here is a quick unboxing of the Denver Boot:


So there you have it!  A quick peek into 3 of the 5 different styles just released for Fall 2022!! Check them all out by clicking HERE, and let me know what you think!

As always, feel free to leave a comment here, or find me on Instagram or Facebook

Happy trails!


Disclosure of Material Connection: Products provided by Xeroshoes. I am proud to be a Xeroshoes affiliate and may receive compensation for referrals. #ad

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