Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jeff 2.0 and more contest info!

So today I had a check up with my Dr, primarily as a follow up to my initial appointment a year ago.  What a difference a year makes! Moving to a healthier lifestyle by focusing on whole foods, avoiding processed foods, exercising regularly have all contributed to a great year.  No longer a candidate for cholesterol medications, I have dropped down to the "normal" range. My blood pressure was 108/60 ( I didn't have high BP before, but normally was around the 120/80 range).  Resting pulse rate down to 61 (used to be 75-80). And I'm down almost 40 lbs.  

So... I will start the new year as Jeff  version 2.0!  The best part of all of this is that I was never looking at this from a point of "once I get my cholesterol under control, and my weight down, I can go back to eating or doing blah blah blah".   For once in my life I got to this point with complete and permanent lifestyle changes... as my doctor said, this is my "new" normal! 

So, for a "Healthy and Happy 2012", I will just continue to do what I'm doing, add more distance and events to my running, and see where I end up.

And speaking of 2012, I am excited to announce the sponsors of the contest giveaway that will begin next week.  Look forward to great prizes from Invisible Shoes, Road ID, and Pikes Peak Sports!!

So stay tuned.. I'll announce stuff next week.  In the meantime, have a great week, and a safe and happy New Years eve!

Jeff (2.0)


  1. Wow! Great job! Good numbers are always nice to hear...

  2. Great work and great post, Jeff. I am amazed daily by people like you who dedicate themselves to living, rather than to passing through life. You are an inspiration. Keep working and Run on, Runner!

  3. I don't understand the BP numbers, but I've been told mines ok.
    My resting pulse rate is down to 48, I've never figured out if that's good or bad, but it used to be 52.
    Can your Heart rate slow too much.
    The 48 was taken when I was about to go into surgery (bad Leg) so I presume that was panic mode..
    Too cold and wet for any barefoot stuff soon be summer..

  4. I love to hear when people get their bodies back to normal and then onto bigger and better! I wanna work on the processed foods this year too :)

    I'm looking forward to the contests and giveaways! They look pretty great!!

  5. Just found your blog -- keep up the great work and have a fantastic 2012!! :)

  6. Jeff,
    Wow. Awesome 2011!!
    Really. Every time I see you around town I am inspired. I hear the same from a lot of folks. We are all better because you are a better you.

  7. Woot!! Here's to a happy, healthy great running year for us all!

  8. Jeff - Congrats on the new healthy lifestyle! Awesome to get the health stats in check and avoid meds. I like the blog! :) Robin


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