Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meteor Shower - 0, Snow Shower - 1

I knew that last night and tonight were the best times to view the Geminid meteor shower, so I was really hoping to see some if it before dawn this morning from the Incline.... however when I left home this morning around 5am, it was just starting to snow.  So, no meteors, but I was looking forward to climbing and running in the snow this morning.

Unfortunately, it was really only snowing up here in Woodland Park, and by the time I got to the bottom of the pass, there was no snow, just a little overcast.  Oh well, at least it was fairly warm.. around 35F (2C).

I didn't bring any YakTrax today (I had borrowed some before, and I have ordered some online, but they haven't arrived).  So, instead I grabbed my $12 Nike trail type shoe since they had better traction than my running shoes..   bad call..  first of all they are heavy... who knew that a few extra ounces would make a difference, but when you are climbing straight up you feel it right away!  I guess I should look at it as a better workout :-)  And I got a few hot spots near the bottom...  1/2 mile longer and I would have had blisters.

If it doesn't snow anymore between now and Friday, I should be able to go back to my Invisible Shoe and Injinji sock combo.

Since winter isn't going anywhere, I finally settled on ordering the Vivobarefoot Neo Trails for winter trail running. It was a tough call because there are some really great minimalist trail shoes out there like the Merrell Trail Glove, and the New Balance Minimus.  After reading numerous reviews, I've decided the Vivo's would be best for my needs.  I need a winter shoe, with good traction, and good proprioception (I love that word!).  My intent is not to use them for road running, or for warmer weather (these shoes can get hot), as I would default back to my sandals then.   If you want to know more, check out this video review, that provides a comparison to the other two shoes mentioned.

Anyway...  I can't wait for them to arrive, and I'll provide a full report!

Here is the obligatory photo form the top of the Incline, on the way down, and a shot of the snow I came home to.  Trying out an app on my iPod touch, hence the watermark.. but I like the program, so will spring for the $1.99 full version :-)

Have a great day!

I have no idea how far I ran or how long it took me, but I do know that all the crap that was swimming around inside my head is now laying on the street behind me. -M. Van Staaveren



  1. Proprioception is such a fun word to say. I'm with you too on the Neo Trails. I'm definitely getting a pair of them very early in January (using my Life and Learning account through work. Woot!). They should work great for the frigid temperatures here with tons of snow.

  2. I saw the Neo's on your blog.. those look really cool. Wish I could figure out a way to get my shoes with help from work! Maybe if I get a prescription from my doctor, I can use my Flex Spending account! Anyway... I'll certainly have a blog post with my feed back on them... meanwhile I will sit on the curb waiting for the mailman... feel like a kid anxiously awaiting Santa!

  3. Yeah, I really love the Neos. However the nice white is now more of a gray color. Have to figure out how to clean them. :) I'm pretty stoked about my work account. You can use it for computers, or fitness items. Thankfully running shoes qualify. I'll have to see if they will let me get a pair of Stems or Heuraches. They might be a stretch.
    Have you ordered your Neo Trails already? There is a store in my town that carries them so I'm going to try them on first to verify sizes. No waiting for the mail for me. January 3rd I will be buying a pair. i just have to wait until then.

  4. love those photos. beautiful. quote's not bad either. ; )

  5. Ah yes... I did "borrow" that's such a good one :-)

    Kyle, I wish there was a store I could try them on at, but the closest appears to by in NYC... hoping the sizes aren't weird.. I don't think so though..


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