Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Am I truly born to run?? Born2Run Preview....

I just love this cover of the Japanese version of the book.  The original cover photo taken by Luis Escobar had Caballo Blanco (Micah True) in it.   Anyway.. thought it was fitting since this book motivated me the most to run, and more importantly to run the right way :-)

Which ultimately has led me to sign up for my first marathon at the end of January.  Still can't believe it! My primary goal for this marathon? To finish under 5:30 (don't laugh.. well, ok go ahead) so I can try to get a spot in the Pikes Peak Marathon next August!  I know.. even crazier.

I'm just starting my 2nd week of a 16 week training schedule for this marathon.  That in itself is kind of nutty to me...  for the last year or more, I've just ran when I felt like it... and tried to run my next race distance at least once before the race so I would know how it felt (and whether I could make it!).  But of course now, jumping from a 1/2 to a full marathon is a whole new ball game. So, I am using the Runners World app on my iPod and created a 16 week schedule that I'm hoping will help me ramp up to the distance (my long run so far is 15).


So.. I couldn't have been more excited to get an inquiry from Born2Run.com asking what I thought about their site and products.  Born2Run was started by Eric Orton, who coached Chris McDougall, author of Born To Run.  I loved reading Born to Run... and recognized Eric's name from the book.  You have read the book right?  If not, stop reading this... go read it... and come back :-).  Also, go check out Eric's site.. it is pretty cool.

I was really intrigued by the Born2Run site, and the shoes, training products etc. that Eric has available on his site.  And I was really stoked when the goodies above arrived.  As I am just starting my official marathon training, this was perfect timing. I had noted that I was by no means a high-performance runner, but really just your back of the pack minimalist runner just trying to keep moving.  But, that turned out to be a plus, as a slow novice runner, what better candidate to see how these products and programs could help!

So, pictured above are the B2R Road Peformance Shoe (with the cool split toe), split toe socks, 3mm insoles (which I removed since I liked the shoes better without), the Level 1 Strength Training DVD, balance board, trekking poles (for balance), and a cool carrying bag.

I've run once in the shoes so far, and really liked them, and I will continue to use them for my road runs, and probably the marathon as well, but we'll see how it goes.  So consider this kind of a pre-review of the shoes, and the strength training program.

Better shot of the poles (they are really nice).. and the Millennium Falcon :-)
I'm going to use the strength training (and running form) DVD, in conjunction with the balance board/poles, and an exercise ball to work on my foot/leg strength and core on the days I'm not running...  and I'll probably put up a post about halfway through training with an update...

So... we shall see if I am really born to run, or destined to flail away at it stubbornly... regardless, I have no inclination to stop!

Thanks for stopping by...  look for a cool giveaway coming up very soon!

Happy trails!



  1. Oh my, you hit the mother load - super jealous over here! Glad the shoes are working out for you, been wondering what shoe you'd wear for the marathon. I couldn't believe how well my minimalist Kivaras worked for Chicago (well, relatively speaking). Stoked for Carlsbad for you...it's not my favorite course but it was my first marathon after my craptastic foot fiasco so it has a special place in my heart.

  2. I just got a message from born2run as well about these bad boys. I cannot wait for them to arrive in the mail! I look forward to hearing what you think!!


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  3. Awesome shoes and great review. I've been wearing mine for about a month now and they're are great. The shoe is sturdy and I feel my feet are stronger. The training program has made my stride and form a lot better and I have seen a time decrease off my 5k time.

    1. Great! I do like the training program, and the running form video is great... but wow, getting a good core workout with that exercise ball as well!


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