Friday, October 5, 2012

UNBREAKABLE: Endorphin Warrior Giveaway

Ok... what's interesting is that today I'm reviewing a running accessory that, at first glance, serves no physical function in running.  It's not a minimalist shoe... not something to help you hydrate.. it won't protect you from the sun and elements, and it won't enhance your performance...  or will it?

What you are looking at is a Warrior Training Bracelet from Endorphin Warrior.   Endorphin Warrior offers a variety of styles of running jewelry.  Ok... if you know me, I'm not a super trendy, fashion conscious kind of guy (I wear black socks with sandals for crying out loud)...  but something about these bracelets grabbed my attention.

Before I get into more of my story, let me share with you the "mission" of Endorphin Warrior.. I think it's pretty cool:

Our Mission

At Endorphin Warrior, our aim is to help you train, perform and live with greater strength of body and mind. We make products with positive and powerful messaging to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing - or all day long - to help you stay strong-minded and focused...and help you train harder, improve performance, overcome challenges, achieve your goals and live stronger.

A few months back, I had read a review of these bracelets from one of my favorite bloggers, Barefoot Angie Bee.  I thought they were pretty cool, but thought to myself, not something I really "need".

These look great, and are really comfortable

But, for some reason, the thought if it kept popping back into my head.  I really like the motivational words that you can select for your bracelet.  Click on this link HERE and go check out what they have and think about what one reaches out to you..   For me it was "unbreakable".  As you may know, I'm not a fast runner by any means... and sometimes my running turns into walking.  But mentally, I start every run and every race to finish it. I may get beat up, slowed down, or exhausted, but I will NOT be broken...  I will finish.  And that is what this bracelet says to me.  Does it work?  My first run with it was my long run a few weeks ago... the first time I've run 15 miles... and I looked at my wrist often after mile 13 when it got tough.  It was a quick reminder that nothing was going to stop me from finishing... and I like that. So you know what I'll be wearing at my marathon in January! Which now also has me thinking more about the "performance enhancing Kokopelli" over at Trail Runner Nation! But I digress..

Before I continue getting distracted, I would love to give one of these cool bracelets away! Go to the Endorphin Warriors site and check out the bracelets... and let me know in a comment below which one you would choose and why!  There are also additional ways to earn entries via the Rafflecopter form below..

Endorphin Warrior will provide 1 Warrior Training Bracelet of your choice to one lucky winner.

Follow the instructions on each option below to earn entries.  Contest will close on Thursday, October 11th, at 10PM MST.  Winners will be selected at random from all entries using   Contest limited to residents of  the U.S. and Canada.  

Good luck and Warrior on!

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  1. Dude! The PEK are for real! They are great racing tools! I use them for all my races these days! Wonderful house guests as well.

  2. The two that jumped out at me were Unbreakable and Strength. I'm a fairly new runner, but I HAVE found that my running has tapped into something deep in me that makes me FEEL strong and unbreakable...and I like that! Dione R

  3. I'd choose 'FOCUS'...we have a great ability to change our mental state and affect outcomes, just by paying attention to what we're focused on.

  4. I want the one that says "As I Run, As I Run, The World is Running With Me".....because that's exactly how I feel when I run!

  5. Thanks for sharing this - they look awesome. I would choose BREATHE as I tend to focus on everything else when I run. And I could wear it all the time and it would serve as a great reminder for a strategy when dealing with my teenage son LOL

  6. I would choose the BELIEVE Warrior Training Bracelet. BELIEVE has been my mantra since I started runing this spring!

  7. WARRIOR....I have been fighting my whole life. Many times the fight was within myself. All the insecurities and fear that held me back. I ate and drank to battle demons within. Now in this second chapter of my life, 8 years sober, and 20lbs lighter, I am taking on my own physical limits and pushing them passed boundaries I never believed I could. Running is my choice of weapon in this battle for self discovery, inside and out. It is some days an uphill battle (literally and figuratively, but I am a warrior, I will persevere, and I will win.

  8. I've always wanted "relentless" -- as in relentless forward progress!

  9. BELIEVE in myself. that's the mantra. in the past year and a half i have transformed from a half assed occasional runner to someone dedicated to finding my mojo and gaining ground from life events that have spun me into a vortex of depression. I can, I will, I have. Lsot 40+ pounds, completed 12 half maras in just over a year...I have discovered a LOT about me and what I am made of.

  10. I would choose the warrior training bracelet with the word FOCUS. Focus is huge for me, because I know I can do or achieve anything if I stay focused. Unfortunately I'm easily distracted and I let other people or thigngs get in the way of my goals sometimes. So, I think seeing the word Focus daily would help me do more of things I want to accomplish.

  11. I'd love the Breathe one. Cause sometimes I just need to calm down & BREATHE! lol

  12. I'm torn between PERSEVERE and the one about the universe walking with me - that's a toughie.


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