Sunday, January 13, 2013

At The Hop: Or Random Taper Ramblings....

I know... totally random, but I'll eventually get to why I'm rocking to old 50's tunes...

First of all, congratulations to all the winners from the Happy and Healthy 2013 giveaway, and a big thank you to all the great sponsors.  That was so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again for 2014!

So, here I am, two weeks out from my first marathon..  kind of wavering from feeling like I got this, to second guessing the training plan, to mildly freaking out that I'm not ready... to wondering how I got here to begin with....    I'm guessing this is somewhat normal?  I hope so....

Ok.. so back to "At The Hop"...    First, let me drop in the Youtube video here so you can enjoy a little music with your reading...

Ok... so here's the long story.  Saturday the 5th was my 2nd and last 20 miler on my training program. I was a bit nervous, even though I made it through my first one. At the last minute, one of my FB peeps and and running idols, Mark Lofquist at Paleo Runners, left me a little quip for motivation. Basically he reminded me to keep my stride light and quick.. "pop pop pop!".  Well, 4 miles into my run I passed by the "Venture Foods", a very small grocery store in the equally small town of Divide, CO.  I needed a bio break (due to my pre-run coffee), and to warm up quickly, since it was 1F when I started my run.   As I made my exit, "At the Hop" was playing in the store, and was subsequently stuck in my head.

So, as I took off, this song was on permanent repeat for the next 16 miles, but of course with the lyrics changed to "lets go do the pop" .. and "pop pop pop pop pop"...    goofy as it sounds, it sure helped.

I know a lot of people run with earphones and music, but I just can't do it.. I have to hear what is going on around me.. so I'll settle for the music (and odd rambling thoughts) instead.  Also, while I was running it dawned on me that all my long runs had been in thermal compression pants, and I started worrying if running without them in the warmer So Cal climate would make a difference... I fretted about that for at least an hour...

Thank goodness for the power of social media..  I posted that question up on a few of the running groups I am in...  got enough feedback to understand my bigger issue would be overheating, and that I am going to be a ok in just shorts..   I know, silly things to stress about.

On the plus side, regardless of how I run, I am going to look great!  Thanks to the cool folks at INKnBURN  I'll be running, plodding, walking, crawling in this rocking tech shirt!  Should make it easier for my wife to find me in the crowd! Stay tuned for a full review after the race :-)

So...  any advice on coping with the next two weeks until the big day gets here?  Or do I just continue find things to worry about like getting the flu, injuries, alien abductions and the like?  I'll take all the advice and feedback I can get!

Thanks.. and happy trails!



  1. You got this dude... you are well prepped, and ready to rock. I am looking forward to reading about this it's time to stop worrying about this one, and start looking towards your first ultra! Think of it as a training run and just have fun with it...

  2. Best of luck...relax (but too much...yet) during this taper period. Your training is complete and my best advice is to let it take over.

    Remember to have fun at the race...I look forward to reading about it!

  3. Funny how a song will get stuck in your head during a run! It's OK when it's a good one. :) That one seems to have had the right beat. need to just live in a bubble for the next two weeks. If not, drink up and get lots of sleep. Sleep is priority #1, and plenty of chicken broth or electrolyte drinks.

    It's coming soon!!

  4. My biggest advice in taper time is to eat extremely well (carb up about 3-4 days before, but healthy carbs!!), absolutely no processed carbs, and get tons of sleep!

    My biggest advice in the race is that when you merge back in along the ocean with and running with the half marathoners, do NOT turn with them around mile 16ish - you need to go straight!!!!!! If you turn, like I did (and many others), you will add on mileage and it sorta sucks to run an ultra in your first marathon! :)

    Good luck, Jeff!! Super stoked for you!

  5. I worry constantly during a taper. If my kids get near my feet, I'm nervous (they're little and like to stomp). I also second the vote for lots of sleep. You can't get too much during this time. Have fun at your race!

  6. Oh the taper. You feel like you're supposed to be running a million miles and all you're doing is cooling your heals and going nuts. Been there, done that. Don't worry, the big work is behind you and you're as ready as you'll ever be! That shirt kicks ass. I love it!


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