Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy and Healthy 2013 Giveaway!!

Hard to believe the year has already gone by!  I started this blog in October 2011, and I had my first giveaway on 1/1/12 with the Happy and Healthy 2012 Giveaway.  With a full year of blogging since that post, I can't tell you how much fun it has been. I've really enjoyed review and sharing running gear that I really like, and also doing what I can to share healthy eating related topics and recipes.

And, I have really appreciated all of you that have been following my blog for the past year, following on Twitter, and liking the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page. Which is why I am so excited to host the ultimate giveaway on this first day of 2013, showcasing my favorite gear and vendors from 2012!

But, before I jump to the giveaways, I just wanted to give a little recap of the year.  I had a number of goals for the year, but first and foremost was to continue my journey to better health through clean eating and exercise.  Over the year, I've lost another 10lbs (for a total of 50), and that, more than anything was a huge step for me.  I've lost more pounds than I care to think about over the course of my life, but it has always come back. This is by far the longest I've maintained and continued to lose, and that feels great.  How did it happen? Simply by no longer dieting.  Dieting implies a short term plan, whereas a change in a lifestyle is forever.  I know I have a ways to go, but focusing on whole, organic, non-processed foods as much as possible has made this change possible, and the loss of weight has been a side benefit. My goal for 2013?  Just keep it going on :-)

And of course there is the running.  I never dreamed I would develop a healthy obsession for running, but somehow that has happened. I credit discovering barefoot/minimalist running for a big part of that, as it helped me find a way to run with a lot less pain and injury.  Not that I didn't have my share, but I've learned a lot over the year about prevention and training. Also, finding my love of trail running has certainly helped as well. There is nothing I enjoy more than just getting out on the beautiful trails (and Incline) in Colorado. 

In 2012, I started the year with a 5K as my longest race, and 5 miles as my longest distance run.  During the year I ran several 10K's, a 10 Miler at Garden of the Gods, my first half marathon in August, and recently my long run of 20 miles as I train for my first marathon which is (gasp) less than 30 days away!  My goals for 2013? Carlsbad Marathon in January, Greenland 50K in May (first Ultra!), and the Pikes Peak Marathon in August (provided I qualify in Jan AND I can get an entry). Also, I want to build more barefoot miles, and run a 5 and or 10K barefoot this year.  Beyond that, I plan to just keep trail running, testing/reviewing gear, and just plain having fun with it.

My favorite view spot from the Incline
SO.... Let's get this New Year started with a bang!  The following is a summary/highlight of some terrific gear and websites I reviewed last year, along with some amazing swag provided by these vendors. I've had the privilege of working with some terrific people from equally great companies and I want to take a minute to thank them as well! 

In the following sections, you can click on the links for the products mentioned to see the full review I did earlier this year. In each section below, you are welcome to enter for any/all of the gear/products noted. The contests will run from January 1st, 2013 until 10PM MST on Tuesday, January 8th. A winner for each prize will be selected randomly from the entries received.  Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. 

Here we go... and good luck!

In order to participate in each of the individual giveaways, please complete this easy step first!:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Xeroshoes/Invisible Shoes:

As you may know, my first pair of minimalist shoes were the Invisible Shoes 6mm Contacts.  Still one of my favorite huaraches from a proprioception perspective, and also one of the most affordable running sandals out there!  The company is still in the midst of transition to the new name Xeroshoes, but regardless of the branding, the quality is the same.  I love working with Steven Sashen.. and his video (over on the left side banner) still cracks me up every time I watch it!  Anyway, Steven has kindly offered to provide one winner with a DIY or Custom pair of Xeroshoes sandals in the style and color of their choice!!  Thanks Steven!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that Vivobarefoot makes one of my favorite cold weather snow running shoes, which is the Neo Trail.  Check out my reviews for the Neo Trail and the Breatho Trail by clicking on shoe name.    The Neo Trail was my first minimalist "shoe", and my go to shoe for snow running.  The Breatho Trail offers a lot of the same qualities as this shoe, only better suited for warm weather conditions.  Vivobarefoot is a terrific company with some amazing shoes. I'm looking forward to what they may have to offer next year!

The great folks at Vivobarefoot will provide one pair of shoes to a lucky winner!! (THIS contest is OPEN to the UK!)  Choices may be limited by availability, so if you are the lucky one, decide on your top 3 choices with size and color!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Far End Gear:

I don't normally run with earphones in, especially on the trail.  But there have been times when I would like to. Earlier this year I tested out the "One Good Earphone" from Far End Gear. These were the perfect idea, as they allowed stereo audio through one ear piece, leaving one ear open to listen for traffic or wildlife etc.  In addition to this product, Far End Gear also offers Brite Buds, which combine reflective cords for safety, plus increased strength and durability, available in single or dual earphone models.

Far End Gear totally rocks, because they are providing Brite Buds for two lucky winners!  Enter below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Barefoot Running Movie from Michael Sandler and Run Bare:

One of the first resources I checked out when I started barefoot running was Michael Sandlers book, "Barefoot Running: How to run light and free by getting in touch with the earth".   I love Michael's story, and the book is an excellent resource.  What was really exciting was hearing that he was working on a movie as well, and I had the privilege of receiving an early copy of the movie.  I've watched it several times and I highly recommend it.  Not only does it recap Michael's journey, it also provides some really great video for learning to run barefoot properly and safely.  Add to that the fact that it is filmed in such a beautiful setting (Hawaii), and with co-author Jessica Lee, and you have a great movie that every barefoot/minimalist runner should have on their shelf. 

So here is your chance to grab a copy!  Thank you Michael Sandler!

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Bedrock Sandals:

I have to admit, I do love running huaraches. I've reviewed a number of different brands and styles, and Bedrock Sandals are still one of my favorites. I reviewed the Bedrock Earthquakes earlier this year, and since that time, there have been a number of improvements and enhancements, due to the intense focus on quality and performance by the dudes at Bedrock.

Thanks to the generosity of Dan and Nick at Bedrock, you too can own a pair of the latest Earthquake V2's!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

When it comes to running solo (as I do primarily), safety and security is critical.  I know my wife was much happier once I started running with a RoadID earlier this year.  Carrying your critical emergency info is a simple and smart thing to do, and RoadID makes it easy and stylish.  Earlier this year I was running with the Wrist ID Sport. I liked this band for it's comfort and simplicity.  Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere along my travels, and the few times I ran without it, I felt uncomfortable not having it on.  So, I have since replaced it with the Wrist ID Elite model.  I really like the watch band type clasp, and the smooth rubber material of the band. It is easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.  Regardless of the style, RoadID has you covered.

And to cover one lucky winner, RoadID has offered a band of your choice so you can stay safe too! I also have to give a shout out here to the great gang at Outside PR (Jenny, Scott, Rebecca). They represent RoadID and a bunch of other great brands and are just so great to work with :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Earthrunners Sandals:

Ok... back to huaraches!  Earthrunners is a new company that got a terrific start last year via Kickstarter.  Their twist on the running huarache is the addition of conductive copper studs to complete a grounded connection with the earth. I tested out the Quantum trail running model. What was unique in these huaraches was the sueded leather footbed over a cork and rubber sole.  Very comfortable!

Michael at Earthrunners has graciously offered a pair of sandals to one winner, which is awesome.  Thanks Michael!  So, get entering below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Although Tribesports doesn't necessarily have any "product" to give away (their service is free!), I would be remiss if I didn't give them a shout out.  When I was first introduced to the site, I didn't think I needed another social media site to participate in, but I've really grown to love this site, the challenges, and the tribes of amazing people there! As I noted in my review here, Tribesports covers the world, and I've met a lot of folks from many different countries that share the same passion for sports and fitness.   And I love all of the great challenges, including team challenges such as the Elves versus Reindeers in total mileage run between 12/1 and 12/24. It came down to the wire with each team racking up close to 9,000 KM! 

Anyway, I think it's a great site, especially if you are a little competitive. I'm happy to say that I've just brought my ranking into the top 750 users out of over 100,000 users on the site!   Here's a little sample of a great article and challenge from the site... check it out, and I hope to see you there!

Click here to read the article and see the challenge!!

SoftStar Shoes:

Looking for the simplicity and freedom of a huarache, but in a shoe form?  Look no further.. the Elves at Soft Star make some amazing shoes! I was fortunate enough to test out the Runamoc Dash Lites from Soft Star earlier this year. I really love the soft leather moccasin styling and comfort of these shoes, tied with a minimal 5mm sole that performs really well... and a very comfortable trail shoe as well. All hand made by the Elves in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. 

To help you out in getting started in your own pair of SoftStars, the head elf has authorized a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


365 Days of Pikes Peak: The Journey, from The Pikes Peak Guy:

What can I say?  I feel truly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country where we get to gaze at "America's Mountain", Pikes Peak every day.  My friend The Pikes Peak Guy loves the Peak so much that he set out on an amazing journey to photograph the Peak every day for a year, and he did it without missing a beat, and enjoying some amazing experiences along the way. I interviewed The PPG back in July, and you can read much more by clicking here. 

If you aren't lucky enough to enjoy a view of the Peak everyday, The PPG is giving you a chance to enjoy an autographed soft-cover version of his amazing book! Not only is it full of a full year of amazing photos, but along with it comes all the great stories of this journey, as well as feedback from fans that followed his project on Facebook.  It's an awesome book... good luck!!

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Muddy J "J"uaraches:

Ok....  I have a pair of custom "J"uaraches from Muddy J that I am going to be working up a review on soon, however I haven't been able to get out and run in them!!  They are the first and only huaraches I've tried with a 100% leather sole, and a unique design.  So far, wearing them around the house has been awesome!

As you can see, Muddy J puts a lot of love into his craftsmanship..  I loved the embossed strap across the top and the unique serial # embossed on the sole.  These are unique in that they are custom molding to my feet all around as I continue to wear them, and the reflective elastic lacing is really cool.

Incline Addicted.... love it!   Anyway, I really excited to add Muddy J to my list of giveaways.  One lucky winner will get a custom built pair of "J"uaraches!  The winner will need to pay shipping of ~$10, but that is a bargain for some super cool sandals...  Look for my full review very soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Luna Sandals:

Last, but certainly not least! is Luna Sandals out of Seattle, WA.  Luna was started by Barefoot Ted of "Born to Run" fame.  Luna Sandals are considered some of the best trail running sandals on the market.  I was more than happy to test and review the Luna Leadvilles with MGT earlier this year. The Leadvilles are probably one of the most rugged huaraches I tested (10mm base), but super comfortable and performed well on the most harsh trails.  Also, they performed really great in deep muddy water!

To get you started off on the right foot in 2013 (or left for that matter), Luna Sandals will provide one winner a $50 gift certificate good towards the purchase of a DIY Sandal Kit.  For whoever wins this, I would love to see your finished sandals in action!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wow... ok there you have it.  A TON of awesome stuff!  Good luck to you all, and I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2013!!  Thanks again for following... I look forward to another great year of running/blogging and getting healthier!

Happy Trails!!



Connor Bruson said...

What a fantastic giveaway! It's inspiring to see how far you've come in the running world this year, and I wish you luck in your upcoming races! Those are some tough ones! In 2013 I plan on running more and doing many races myself, possibly the Pikes Peak Ascent again. Hope to see you on the incline sometime!

mommy2luke2008 said...

My health goals for 2013 are to finally get this baby weight off! And to get fit, not just lose the weight but get fit and healthy! I also would love to be able to run a Warrior Dash this spring...high hopes but it would feel so great to finish one of those races! (Mary Williams on Rafflecopter)

Anonymous said...

what a great year for me, I lost 20# by my 50th bday in july, then started running in august...my first 5k was 38 mins. my last one was a week ago, and 27 mins! looking to keep working on speed and increasing milage. Jeff you have been so inspiring to myself and so many others, please keep it up! Your family must be so proud of you! I love all your products, and am looking forward to some new huaraches or vivobare's! would like to start this year with a win! Happy New Year! Lorraine.

Iris said...

Congratulations on a very fine 2012! Wishing you continued good health and happy running in 2013 and beyond. This is the first year I haven't made a big overall goal. Right now I'm focused on the Umstead Trail Marathon in March. Then? More trails, at least one 24-hour race, and have fun.

Angela Hotz said...

I made the decision to take charge of my health and let food and yoga change me. I plan to do the same in 2013!

Primitive Health & Fitness said...

Great year last year, better one this year!

Jonathan said...

Congrats on 2012! Love reading your blog and have started to explore barefoot running :)

gw said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! Love your blog and have been on a similar fitness journey myself. I've got my first marathon coming up in March, myself. Secretly competed against your times/mileage on facebook for a while there until you posted your total mileage and I realized how far ahead of me you are. I only just cracked 500 for the year!

ChadisBarefoot said...

Another year in the books! Keep up the awesome work, Jeff. I love your blog.

Jennie K said...

Awesome giveaway!!! And I found your blog through tribesports. Love tribesports- it keeps me accountable. Way to go on the weight loss! I'm at 30lbs this last year myself- with a lot more to go. I have my second half in Feb. Super excited! I'd like to try a marathon, but I don't know if I'm quite ready for that. Good luck in the coming year!

Matt Gawlowski said...

Thanks to your help and inspiration, I transitioned to 'barefoot' running in 2012...my goal for 2013 is to keep that up and to participate in some semi-competitive fun runs (maybe even truly barefoot!).

Jeff Gallup said...

Thanks Connor!

Jeff Gallup said...

Thank you Lorraine!

Jeff Gallup said...

Thank you! Good luck on your marathon in March! And 500 is awesome.. I had no idea how much I had run... just wait to see what you rack up in 2013!

Jeff Gallup said...

Yep.. you've motivated me to get more barefoot in 2013 as well, so looking forward to running a barefoot race with you this year!

Lara said...

I have only recently started following you but already you have been an encourager to me and an inspiration. Looks like you have had a great 2012...I look forward to running with you, if only in spirit, over the next year - may it be a happy, healthy and successful year for you! Thank you for this great giveaway to get the year off to a fortunate start for the lucky winners!

Lara said...

Oops..I forgot that you wanted us to comment on our health goals and favorite prizes in the giveaway! My health goal is to eliminate even more processed foods from my family's diet and cook more healthy meals for my family. And about the prizes, there are SO many GREAT ones but I think that Xero shoes and Vivobarefoot are at the top of my list.

Mom on the RUN said...

IN 2012, my goal was to just start doing something, I am so glad a friend talked me into my first 5K back in Feb 2012, I had only run a little before that. But that was all it took, one race in Feb ended up being 16 races for 2012 ending with a 10-mile race in the end of Oct 2012. I have new goal for 2013, like compete in as many half marathons as I can and PR at my 5K time, which is 26:08 right now!
I have enjoyed your blog and I am most excited about the Vivobarefoot shoes giveaway. I live in cold, snowy Minnesota and need a pair of shoes to run in, in the winter time!

DJSix said...

My goal is to break the 4 hour mark for a marathon, which will happen at the RnR in Phoenix on the 20th. Also thinking of attempting my first ultra (a 50K) in October.

muddyj.com said...

Good luck on your upcoming Marathon... pretty sure you'll kick-ass if you wear the right shoes! (none)

kellyr78 said...

I started walking 7-10 miles a week while my kids are in pre-k and school. I would like to work a few more miles into my walking routine this year and start jogging too.

TinaFab said...

i like reading about others achievements it helps me put on with my goals...and reminds me that i so need to resurrect my blog!! Great contest. Look forward to reading about your ULTRA! awesome

TinaFab said...

this year i ran over 1620km (1000miles!!) 2 marathons, 11 hlfs, 7 10kms 1 10miler...and a few others. sooooo wondering what to do in 2013! hope i can focus on training and stay awesome. and find some great local races again.

Becky @ RunFunDone said...

This is the greatest selection of giveaways that I've ever seen! Pick me! :)

My goal for 2013 is to finish a sprint tri! :)

gorunningmom said...

Hey Jeff - You know Corvalis OR is where Sarah has her little house in the Forest, right? Their little piece of paradise prior to moving to Aloha? Just caught my eye ;)

Stephanie said...

Keep on Going Jeff! My goal for the year is to do 5k or two with the family.

bf in az said...

So I'm assuming one of your new year's resolutions was "don't save giveaways til the end of the year"? ;)

muddyj.com said...

totally missed the goals! my bad!
In 2012 my goal was to train for and complete a Tough Mudder...the Marathon I completed and my addiction to BF running came afterwards. My goals for 2013: So far, an Ultra (50k) Another Tough Mudder (or three) and maybe a 50 miler in the fall....always looking towards taking down Leadville someday.

Coy Martinez said...

Can't wait to see what the year brings you, although I'm sure you'll achieve all the things you want if you've made it this far! I love my Pikes Peak Calendar I won off your blog!

Someone needs to grab a pair of those Invisible Shoes. I love mine!

Raciel Diaz said...

Hoping to eat smarter (i.e., be really mindful of nutrition intake) and be more consistent with running, in hopes for more PR's this year! ^_^

Eric said...

This is a great giveaway! I'd love to replace my worn original Invisible Shoes with some new Luna sandals!

Primitive Health & Fitness said...

Awesome give-away this time, Jeff!

oreman said...

My health goals for 2013 include keep on running and even go more into it - to run more, to run more barefoot, to run my first barefoot marathon or ultra. Also I would like to eat more healthy - to eat less, to eat more paleo, more fats, less carbohydrates. And finally - to live as simple as possible, to get rid of all the stuff I don't need, to escape city, to live in a contry side.

GingerG said...

I want to continue with my current fitness activities! I'd love to win the Road ID for my husband : )

FlopEJoe said...

2012 goal met: run 1000 miles. Only about 70 were barefoot and 200 in Vibrams but you have to start somewhere!

Jonathan Lee said...

Awesome giveaway! Crosscountry this year really trained my barefoot running to become more efficient!

Crystal Lowe said...

For the majority of 2012 I was pretty lazy, but on November 30, 2012 I got my butt off the couch and started working out. Since then I have worked out everyday for at least 30 mins. I've lost 7lbs (from 132 to 125), and at least an inch from everywhere! I have some pretty big goals for 2013, I'd like to run my first 5k and maybe even a half marathon!! I have a lot of training ahead of me, but I am motivated and dedicated to becoming a happy and healthier me!!!

UserDiary said...

Wow this is a good blog and a good selection. I'm definitely most excited about the vivobarefoot's and the earbuds.

Asher OS said...

For 2012 I have been able to consistently workout, and I have been doing parkour more. For 2013, I want push myself to not just keep fit but build more strength, and regularly do parkour as well.

davidandersonphoto said...

For 2013 it's ultra-running for me! First one in June, another in August - can't wait. All in my Vivobarefoot Breatho Trails.

Donna said...

For me it's about finding a healthy track and sticking with it. To be mentally and physically healthier. I'm excited about the sandals

Random Boy said...

Congratulations! Great giveaways!! Thanks

Random Boy said...

Goals for 2013... would love to work up to a 1/2.

*~*~* Tracy said...

2012 was a great year because I ran my first marathon. It was a crappy year because my dad passed unexpectedly.
2013 will be a great year because I hope to run my first 50K. And I'm committed to cleaner eating and most importantly working on the health of a few precious relationships.

M. Louise Cunningham said...

For my second year of running, which will be 2013, I will run my first half M. I also will try to do 13 in 2013! Your prizes are all fantastic!!!!

Kyle June said...

For 2012 my goal was to get in shape. Now my goal is to run more often.

Running Moose said...

I actually met one of my 2012 goals at the end of 2011 (sub 1:30 10 miles). Other than that, injuries and illness prevented me from any substantial running and injuries are really messing things up now...dr appt in a couple days!!!

Breanna Cornell said...

It sounds like you have some awesome goals for 2013! I wish you all the best! I also wanted to thank you for this awesome opportunity to win some gear and the support that you show these companies. I was unaware about half of them, but your reviews are helpful and well written– thank you for introducing me to them!

I'm looking forward to racing three 100-milers this year and volunteering at races in between. Hope to run into you at one!

Best of Wishes,

Anonymous said...

My goal is to run further, longer, and stronger. No limits to what a raw, vegan Grannee (or anyone) can do!

Maureen, EZ Raw Living

Stuart Mackenzie said...

Well my goal for 2012 was just to make by first full calendar year of running a good one. I set out to do complete my first half marathon and complete it under 2hrs. I did that and by by birthday in August I was ready to run a full marathon (not as a race) but I covered the distance. The end of the year saw me cross the 1000miles mark. This year ahead I just need to keep on it and keep letting it make me smile. One grizzly event and one marathon race already in the diary just gotta keep going.

Anonymous said...

I'm going for 13 races in 2013! I already have my first 3 lined up-including my first half! I'm so excited! ~Katie

CopyLeft said...

Great year as i started runing barefoot in summer. Good work and keep up this way. Thank you!

barefootmarathonmomma.com said...

My goal for 2012 was to complete a half marathon. Seeing as I had just started running again in March of 2012 it seemed like a lofty goal but I completed it in October. For 2013, the goal is to complete another Half in Feb, a Full in May (oh my!!) and a try-a-tri.
As for which gear I'm most interesting in winning....I think they're all great but I would really like to win the Vivobarefoot runners since I've been wanting to try them for awhile now and I haven't seen them in a single store here.
Thanks for all the support on my blog & Facebook page and Happy 2013!

Nathan said...

My goal for 2013 is to get back into running... health issues has put a pause on things. It's time to hit the 'play' button again. I would like to run 1/4th of the Waterton to Glacier 100 mile relay in June. That same month, I would like to do the 20 mile Cactus Coulee run as part of my training for the Moose Mountain Marathon in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Oh, and I would love to take a shot at the Le Grizz 50 miler near Kalispell, Montana in October.
I would be most interested in winning the Earth Runners, Bedrock Sandals, Runamocs, Muddy Js, or Luna Sandals. Cool blog you have going here. I'll have to do some looking around. Cheers.

ikkinlala said...

My health goals for 2013 are to spend more of my exercise time outdoors (exercise is better if it comes with fresh air) and to eat more protein and cut out some of the starch (not full-on paleo, but a shift away from bread and pasta as convenience foods).

I'm excited about all the huaraches - it would be great to have something that's comfortable on a hot day but would let me go into a store or the library.

Eleanor said...

My goals for 2013 are to finally get healthy and in shape.

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

My health goals are to eat better, start both running and walking more, and just generally live a healthier lifestyle
I am most excited about the VivoBarefoot shoes contest
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

Disney Bride and Groom said...

I began 2012 as a new bride wanting to begin an active lifestyle with my new husband in a new home and a brand new life. And we did. We began running and in the process of getting healthy and losing weight - our marriage is growing stronger. My 2013 is to complete my first half marathon - but we may be on track to complete 2 or even 3. Very excited to see what 2013 will bring. I'm eager to try out the vivobarefoot shoes - so I hope I win those. Thanks for the great giveaways!

Kelly said...

I hope to run a race this year barefoot...and would really like to do osme cross country barefoot too! I have worn vibram ksos for the past 5 years but they are holey..and new ones feel too restrictive...so really want to continue with more barefoot mileage and some less restrictive shoes.

Anna B. said...

My health goals are to run my first marathon, (not sure how much of it will be barefoot), run more, mountain bike more, eat even healthier, love more, sing more, and keep the litter box cleaned! I am most excited about any of the running sandals , no wait, maybe I am _most_ excited about the running moccasins by Soft Star!!!!

Adam FURR DOGG Swanson said...

So excited for this giveaway in general! My goal for 2012, was to eat less, and run more... Mission accomplished! I went from 240, to 201 (working hard for that 199, but just didn't happen)I had a influx of headaches half way through my journey of 2012, so I took a break, and eased back into running. No headaches so far, which is really exciting. For 2013, i would like to keep on keepin' on. Keep running, keep paying attention to what I eat. I like the way I feel, and I know it only gets better (not to mention, I'll be 30 in march, so, I'd like to be highschool weight, and feel great so I can play with my kids till I'm 60)
This giveaway has so many exciting products, it's hard to name my favorite of them. I really like xero's concept, and that they went to a more professional style of footbed/sole. I'd like to try their new design. Also, I'd love a set of brite buds, because I run at dawn, and the more reflective things the better when running. Thanks for the chances to win some great prizes!

Syed said...

So, I've been having all kinds of injuries over the past few years, but recently I've managed to shake them off a little bit. Have been working on increasing my barefoot running distance, and I lost about 20 pounds since January last year. Feeling pretty good. Hoping to be able to run a marathon by this time next year.

jonniebf said...

What a way to start 2013, fantastic!

Debra Welle said...

I am most excited about the Vivobarefoot running shoes! Thanks for the Giveaway!

Jeff Gallup said...

Nice work in 2012! Good luck this year, and good luck with the giveaway!

Jeff Gallup said...

Awesome.. would love to hear about your 100 milers!

Syed said...

Forgot to mention, I think I'm most excited about the Soft Star gift certificate. Those Vivo running shoes would be pretty nice as well.

Scott Loonan said...

2012 was a great year for me, down below 200lbs and really progressing with running. 2013 will be training for a 10k, sprint triathlon and half marathon. I'm really excited about the Luna Sandals giveaway.

srsupportsolutions said...

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