Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Race Report

Getting ready to go!

1/2 Marathon complete!

So Saturday, I managed to make my way to the end of my first 1/2 marathon, and my longest run to date.  As I noted, I wasn't sure how it was going to go, due to the ITB issues that were plaguing me a week before the race.  After madly foam rolling and stretching (and not running) all week, I was able to go the distance.

Really cool clouds.. 
The Georgetown to Idaho Springs 1/2 is a point to point race, that starts at 8500 feet, ending up around 7500 feet at the end, so overall it is downhill, but had its share of rolling hills.  The course follows Clear Creek, and I-70.. working its way along beautiful scenery, and some cool old mining buildings and equipment.  Most of it is on paved roads or paths, but about 2 miles of it was on dirt/trails.

This year was the biggest turnout, with over 3,300 participants.  Also, this was my first race with pacers, and I thought that was pretty cool.  I lined up with the 2:30 pacer and managed to stay ahead of them for the first 10K or more.  I wore a brace to help take some of the tension off of my knee, and things were feeling pretty good. BUT.. of course that didn't last... right about the time I was reveling in how everything was feeling really good was the time my knee started twinging... shifting to a sharp weakening pain that quickly brought me to a fast walk.   Ugh...  I was dreading the thought of limping it in for another 6 miles..   for the next 1-2 miles I walked more than I ran... but concentrated on stretching/loosening my knee up and assessing what was really going on..   fortunately, I was eventually able to get running again (albeit slower than earlier), and kept it going to the end.

I had to laugh during the run because I could pick out all the trail runners...  we few were constantly running on the 6-10 inch strip of dirt/gravel along shoulder of the asphalt....  that really felt good... and instead of complaining, we thrived on those 2 miles of loose dirt/rocks/bumps etc...

Normally, I take in more of the scenery of the race, and this one had a lot, but this time I think I was more focused on working through my knee pain issue and trying to make better time, so I know I missed a lot.  Guess I'll have to run again next year...

Another big highlight of this race was having my family there to cheer me on.  They were there at mile 1, and then again on the home stretch.  Above, one of my sons gave me a big high-5 which was awesome...   What was cool was that the race had a great area set up on the football field (with bouncy houses) for families to hang out at while waiting for their racers..

So..2 hours and 35 minutes later, I completed my first half marathon.  I had hoped for 2:15 or better, but I'm happy with it because I finished, and overall I had a blast.  Here is a quick video of mile 1, and the end.

So... now that this is done, I am searching for a marathon to train for...  but, is this how it works? I did a 5K, then a 10K, then a 1/2 marathon.... do you keep doubling the mileage?  So after a marathon, am I looking at a 50 miler?? :-)  sure.. why not!    Anyway, what is funny is that I am seeking a marathon, strictly to get a qualifying time to have a shot at running my bucket list race, the Pikes Peak Marathon next summer... So... if you have any suggestions of a good marathon between now and March 2013.. let me know!!

Happy Trails...


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