Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hail Mary Half Mary...

Ok... so as you can see by the ticker over on the right, I have just over 2 days until the Georgetown to Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon.. 

Yikes... this race will be my longest run to date.  I'm not too worried about the distance, as I've run 10 several times, and 11.5 on Sunday... BUT Sunday's run welcomed me to the world of ITBS.   Those of you that run a lot are probably familiar with this, but being a relatively new runner, I had yet to experience the joy of this issue...

I had been having knee twinges and pains in runs leading up to Sunday for about a week, but figured it would pass.  On mile 7, it hit me hard... a nasty stinging and weakening pain in my knee..   felt ok walking, but running.. not so much.  I tried a number of stretches and changes in gait to get it to fade, but no luck.  Hobbled along with a run/walk for another 4.5 miles ( I was determined to get my longest run in, so I had to go over 10.5).  Clocked those around 14-15min miles :-(.

I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was I was frustrated and mad.  Everything else was feeling great, and I knew I could make the 14 no problem....  And, my biggest concern was how it would impact my 1/2 this Saturday.  Fortunately, I have an amazing daughter, who also happens to be a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), and soon to be physical therapy assistant.  She called me (after I texted her because that how it works for folks her age) and I explained my symptoms..   eventually arriving at everything pointed to ITBS.
So naturally, that meant rest at a minimum.  How I wish that translated to kicking back in the hammock, but its hard to relax and stop running.  I also got a foam roller and have begun working that two or three times a day.... OUCH!  But, it seems to be working... things are loosening up and the pain is fading...

So... my plan is to run this race and see what happens...  I'm hoping for a final minute hail mary pass to bring me through to the end of my first half mary...   here goes nothing!

My original goals were:  A) under 2:15  B) under 2:30  C) Finish...   now I'm adding D) not permanently damage myself!  

Anyone running a race this weekend?

Happy Trails!



  1. Awesome! Hope all goes well with the ITB - stretch, stretch, stretch!! I'll be there, too - more of a training run instead of race as I'm recovering from bronchitis.

    1. Cool! I know Jill will be there... and another blogger peep from Co Springs... I'll look for you! Hope the bronchitis gets better!

  2. I hope your knee/ITB is happier today than yesterday and you're resting well. Great job on the race .. I know it wasn't your ideal time but considering the discomfort of the knee and you had to walk some, I think you did fantastic :). Such a fun race and wow, what perfect weather conditions! Great job, Jeff! :)

  3. Replies
    1. It went well.. thanks for asking... working up a race report post today!


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