Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Blog! Merrell Kids Trail Glove Review...

Merrell Kids Trail Glove

So, this week I'm excited to provided you with a quick review of the Merrell Barefoot Kids Trail Glove from a guest blogger, Aimee Darling MNT.  Aimee is a good friend of ours and a Nutritional Therapist in Las Vegas, NV.  Aimee is also a runner, so we always have something to talk about and recipes to share. Check out her blog for some really great recipes here.

Aimee had let me know that her kids are both wearing the Trail Gloves from Merrell (one of my favorite minimalist shoes), so I asked her to share her (and their) thoughts on the shoes.  Below is her guest review!

"We’ve been looking into barefoot type shoes for some time. Summer was coming quick and we needed to get new shoes for my daughter and her first 5k. We decided to go with Merrell because they had a ‘trail’ type sole and didn’t require my children to stuff their toes into separate slots. We also wanted to encourage the kid’s feet to have closer contact with the terrain. We’ve had great luck with recreational shoes from Merrell and decided to get our daughter the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove. Our son tried them on and liked them so much; we got him a pair too.

We’ve had them for four months and my daughter has competed in a 5k road race, climbed many rock trails, walked all over the streets of Vegas and jumped in puddles galore. My son has climbed trees, worn them with and without socks, and played indoor soccer. He won’t be kicking in them again; it hurt.

Here are the pros and cons according to my children:

Both kids have found the shoe to be light weight, easy to put on by themselves and quick drying. Neither one of them have had issues with gripping the surfaces they play on. So far the shoes have held up well in the brutal heat conditions we have. We haven’t tried to wash them and they are black from the oil around Vegas.  Beyond a flip flop, they are both children’s primary shoe.

It took a couple of weeks wearing them on and off to get used to the low heel. My daughter complained that her feet hurt towards the end of her 5k. I think she wasn’t ready to wear them running and could probably do the same race now without that issue.

Overall we have been pleased and will be buying the same or similar shoes when it’s time."

Thanks Aimee!  I too have heard a lot of great things about these shoes, and they are a great minimalist choice.  I could kick myself for not grabbing these at Dicks Sporting Goods when they were on clearance for $39.99!  Ah well..  I'll keep looking.

Happy trails!



  1. Thanks Jeff! My son wanted me to add that they are more comfortable than his slippers. :)

  2. How much are these new not on clearance?

  3. How much are these new not on clearance?

  4. How much are these new not on clearance?


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