Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday! 50K Training Update and stuff...

Hey everybody... hope your week is off to a good start!  Sorry for having disappeared from the blogosphere, but I've been a bit caught up with work, life, oh... and training for my first ultra marathon!

The good news is that I am halfway through my training program, and the wheels haven't come off yet :-).  I've been following a training program from Competitor that was recommended to me.. you can see the article HERE or below is the summary of the plan.  I am just starting Week 9!

Still a bit worried about getting through this race, but I think that's normal.  I've logged 245 miles since starting the plan, and a lot of time on my feet.  Most miles have been in cold, snowy conditions, which hopefully won't be the case the day of the race... but it is Colorado after all.

Here is the Garmin course profile if you are interested... click HERE. 

A majority of my miles have been run in the New Balance MT 1010V2 (full review coming up soon). Primarily because of the winter conditions, but these have proven to be a great minimalist trail shoe... I'll save the details for the review :-)

BUT.. hold the phone..  The newly released Trail Performance shoe from Eric Orton and B2R should be arriving here this week and I am stoked!  If you remember, it was Eric's Road Performance shoe that carried me through my first Marathon in Carlsbad, CA and I love that road shoe.  So, I can't wait to get these on the trail, and have them carry me to my own "Cool Impossible"!

Anyway, that's what I'm up to.  I do have a number of reviews coming up, including the Lem's Boulder Boot, FLEXR Sports bottles, the NB MT1010V2 (and MT 10V2), as well as a cool review of the Pearl Izumi N1 Trail shoe.

Oh... for those of you that have run an ultra marathon, I'm totally open to any feedback/tips you have to offer! Drop them in the comments here on on Facebook... thanks!

Have a great week and happy trails!


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