Monday, March 17, 2014

Clean and Quiet: FLEXR Sports Bottle Review

Now that I've been blogging/reviewing shoes, gear, and stuff for a few years now, I don't often run across really innovative products too often.  But, recently I've had the opportunity to try something really awesome!

There is a really sweet new hydration product on the market from a company called FLEXR Sports, and they have a very cool twist on bottle based hydration.  What FLEXR has designed is a standard hydration bottle, but with a bio-degradable, BPA free, disposable, flexible liner.

So, what's cool about that is that you no longer have to mess around with trying to keep your bottles clean, especially if you are mixing powders, or tablets like NUUN etc.  The liners are BPA free and biodegradable.  If you normally just use water, you can rinse the liner out and reuse them quite a few times. But, if you forget at some point, and it gets kind of funky, just toss it and drop in a new liner!

Now, the 21 oz bottle I tested comes with a squishy padded grip around the bottle, but I usually run with a Nathan handheld on shorter runs, so was happy to see that I could easily swap out the bottle for the FLEXR.

The thing I really liked (besides easily keeping a clean bottle), was the fact that the inner liner compressed as I drank, drastically reducing the sloshing noise and feel from the bottle while running.  It quieted things down a bit, and also dampened the bouncing around of the remaining fluid.

The cap performed adequately.  I certainly didn't have any issues with leakage, provided I screwed it down tight over the liner.  The spout works on a 1/4 twist of the top and I found that the best combination was a slight squeezing of the bottle while drawing out the liquid at the same time... this helped with the liner compression etc.

My only challenge was getting a new liner installed... but I found that to be a bit easier when I read the instructions above!  Of course I had to try before reading these first :-)  .

Besides that little challenge, I really like using the FLEXR in my handheld.  The FLEXR's come with 5 liners I believe, and they retail for $10.95 on their website.  A 25-pack of liners runs $2.95.   An excellent deal if this clean and quiet option sounds appealing to you.

As always, if I've missed something, or you have a question, let me know in the comments!  Also, I have a big review coming up for a variety of hydration options for long runs, so stay tuned!

Happy trails!



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