Tuesday, April 1, 2014

50K Training update... and other cool stuff :-)

Happy April Fool's Day!   Ah... fun day.  A day when the amount of stuff that you can't believe on the internet grows by about .05%  :-)

Just a quick update as to how the 50K training is going...   as you can tell by the countdown ticker over there on the right.. just about 1 month to go!  Gasp.....   seems like a good time to freak out, but nope.. not yet.

I think I'm more freaked out about my last long training run this Saturday.  What's on tap?  A 26 miler....   and yes, I am going to add .2 on to the end of that run to make it an official unsupported marathon!  I must be nuts...  

Someone posted this on Facebook today and I had to steal it!   I'm already thinking of downing a pizza like this one after finishing this first 50K... gluten be damned!

Anyway, this weekend I got a big boost to my confidence as I went out on Saturday and ran the actual Greenland Trail, which is where the 50K will be held.  I ran 2 laps totaling 16 miles at a 12:39 pace...   really happy with that, as my goal to come in under the 8 hour cutoff is just over a 15:00 pace.  I got a little help on the second lap running with fellow runner/blogger Jill from "Run with Jill" .   It was great to meet her, and a few friends that she was training/coaching for the 50K as well.  Anyway, they helped to push me along to a negative split on that last lap.

The best thing was just getting familiar with the course (each lap is mostly up the first half, and then down the second half), and I know exactly what to expect now... can't wait!

And in other news, I've just been selected as an Ambassador for Electro-Bites!!    I am really excited to be associated with them.  A great company and a terrific product!  I've been fueling with them for training, and will be using them during the 50K (offset with the Hammer gels provided at the race).  You can check out my review of these from January by clicking HERE.    And, even better, you can use the code "JEFFTOLDME" at check out and get 20% off your order :-)

Ok... that's the update for now...    Also, I am working on a bunch of reviews, so if you are interested in the New Balance MT10V2 or MT1010V2, the Pearl Izumi N2 Trail, or a bunch of other cool stuff.. stay tuned!!

Happy trails!



  1. It was great to meet up with you and run a lap (despite the ($R%*$ wind!!! :)). I hope we can hook up again soon!

    Kettie just signed up for the 50k today at Greenland, so looks like she's IN also.

    The Electro-bites were actually pretty tasty, at least the Apple Cinnamon ones (the others were a bit too salty for just everyday eating, which is how I ate them :)).

    Good luck in Greenland - you're going to have a blast!

    1. Thanks Jill! Yes, the Bites can be a bit salty, but I find them to be less so in the middle of a long run after having gels or other sweet stuff... plus I wash them down with water which helps as well... :-)


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