Monday, December 7, 2015

Give Back, Spread Joy! BackJoy SleepSound Pillow, SitSmart Posture Plus, and Trigger Point Massager Review/Giveaway!

Hey!  It's the holiday season, and that means two things...  the season of giving, and the time of year I mess up my back!

Ugh.. seriously... this time last year, I messed up my back hanging Christmas lights the day after I turned 50!  This year,  managed to do something about 6 weeks earlier... still not sure what it was, but I was out of commission, and not running much, if at all!


Well... thanks to BackJoy products (A super cool Boulder, CO company), I was able to recover last year (check out what I used HERE), and with additional new products, I've managed to recover again and get back on the trail!  So, I can't thank BackJoy enough for making some great products, and allowing me to review/share them with you!  Also, as part of their "Give Back, Spread Joy" campaign, BackJoy is donating $5,000 of pain-relief products to deserving charities on behalf of participating bloggers such as Barefoot Inclined!


So, in addition to the PostureWear Elite compression shirt, RollerBall massager, and SitSmart Posture Plus I used last year, this year I tried out the SleepSound Pillow and Trigger Point Massager! 

But better than that, since it is the season of giving, BackJoy has kindly allowed me to give you one of these packages (pictured above, and a $170+ value!).  So.. stick around to hear my thoughts on each of these, and be sure to enter to win!

First up... the SitSmart Posture Plus...  I used one of these last year, so here's a quick recap of my thoughts (which haven't changed)... nice to have a second one around, and I'm going to have to give it a try in the car!

"For the SitSmart, I initially didn't have a lot of use for it since I have a standing desk for work, and sit very little during the day.  I set it in my wife's office chair and let her use it.  She noted that it did make sitting a bit more comfortable, and she could tell it helped her posture.  However, she did say that it was a bit wide for her, so it is good to note that a smaller version is available as the SitSmart Youth which is great for kids as well.

This one is blue, but I actually now have a red and green one.. how festive!!

I thought it felt good to sit on... and rather than being something that felt weird or forced you to sit a certain way, it felt more like a gentle reminder to sit up properly.  Now, after I hurt my back, that was a different story.  I certainly felt much better sitting down on the SitSmart than I did in any chair without it. With the lower back pain I was experiencing, the SitSmart certainly helped relieve a lot of that!"

Next up is the SleepSound Standard pillow.  This latest back issue I've had has bothered me the most when sleeping, so needless to say, I unpacked this pillow immediately and put it to use!  It seems simple in design, but wow it really has helped. 

The memory foam and contoured cushioning is really awesome.  I am one that alternates between my back and either side, and the design of the pillow allows me just to roll side to side and positions my head in the right area of support.  I noticed relief in my night time back pain immediately.  And now, that I am mostly recovered, I still use the pillow just because it works so great! I no longer spend time fluffing, or wadding to get the support I want.  Love it! 

Finally, it's the crazy looking Trigger Point Massager.  Yeah, I know.. looks like a back scratcher on steroids!  I really wasn't sure what to do with this when I got it, and I even consulted my friend/chiropractor Jane about it.. she highly recommended it and gave it a thumbs up for self management techniques!

So... I know a little about trigger points, especially in my calves to help alleviate Achilles issues.  You know, it's that driving down into those "hurt so good" knots to release tension and break down knotted tissues.  Well the Trigger Point Massager allows me to get to those kinds of places easily on my shoulders, neck and back.  And, the therapy knobs can be used on the feet, calves etc.. anywhere you need to massage or release tense muscles.  Good stuff!  And I can imagine it makes for a wicked Ninja type self defense weapon as well!  (well, ok, maybe not, but it sounds cool)

So there you have it... BackJoy continues to develop products to alleviate back pain and promote great posture!  And, I am thankful to them for allowing me to participate in their Give Back, Spread Joy campaign again this year.   And if you've suffered through yet another one of my lengthy and verbose reviews, you get rewarded with a chance to win a back care package for yourself (or a loved one since it is the giving season... but maybe they will share ;-)  )

Ok.. you all know the drill by now.  I'll run this contest until Saturday December 12th, 2015 at 10PM MST.  To enter, gain entries via the Rafflecopter thing-a-ma-jig below.  Contest is open to residents of the U.S. only (sorry rest of the planet).  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

OK!  Thanks again for tuning in. I really do appreciate it.  Stay tuned for more great reviews and giveaways... AND.. I 'm beginning to work on my annual Happy and Healthy Giveaway on January 1, 2016.. and you DON'T want to miss that.... seriously... :-)

Happy Trails!!



  1. way cool. i'm totally getting one. thanks for the informative blog post, dawg!

  2. Looks awesome! I'd like to try those out! I'm especially interested in that pillow! I think my wife could benefit from the sitsmart

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