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Old guy pains... help! SalonPas, KT Tape Pro-X Patches, Zim's Max-Arnice, and CEP Compression Review and Giveaway!

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Well... like it or not, I do get what I call "old guy" pains... not debilitating injury type stuff, but the normal kind of creaky stuff that actually is lessened the more I run, which is great!  Regardless, I am always open to trying out anything that can provide some relief!

So, much like post from a year and a half ago.."Things that make you go aaaahhh..."  this review post is all about things that I have found that can really help!

So, check out my thoughts on the SalonPas products, KT Tape Pro-X patches, Zim's Max-Arnice, and CEP Compression gear... and stick around to win a care/relief package for your pains!

So... first up is Salonpas.  This company has been making pain relief products since 1934, and originally in Japan only.  What is cool about this company is that I remember this well from when I was a kid and my mom would use these patches. My mom is from Japan, and we lived there for a few years as my dad was stationed there in the Navy..

This is how I remember them looking.... but this is what I tried out!

So yeah... a little bit of a change from what I remember.  BUT... what makes Salonpas unique hasn't changed.   Basically, these products use menthol, methyl salicylate, and capsaicin as topical analgesics that bring that icy/hot relief from those old guy aches and pains.  What I like most are the pain relief patches delivery system.  While I was struggling with my chronic back pain for several months, the pain relieving patches with Capsaicin and Menthol were awesome! They came in larger patches that were comfortable, easy to apply, and lasted a long time.. up to 12 hours for me.  They were a lifesaver when I wasn't able to sleep due to the pain I was having.

Anyway, I really loved seeing that this product was still around, and working better than ever.  Be sure to enter below to win the sample selection pictured above for your twinges and aches!

Next up... CEP and some cool compression gear.   Now, if you've been following for a while, you may remember that I really can't run in compression socks, even though I've tried several times and in different gear.  I just get that claustrophobic feeling and my calves are never happy. BUT... I do truly love compression on my lower legs for recovery... works so well.

So, what I tried out from CEP are the Compression Sleeves and the Compression Socks.  Now, to be fair, I did give these a short run, but alas, the sleeves wouldn't work for running, however the socks performed pretty well.  However, I am still an Injinji runner and probably always will be, but the socks fit well, and were comfortable.  They provide some structure/compression to my feet, but not overly so.  The sleeves however have been relegated to recovery only, but for that I like them.  Easy to put on since they are just sleeves and not a full calf sock. Comfortable, and a good quality.

That being said.. someone else in my family seems to have "acquired" these compression sleeves!

My son and I ran the Fall Series with the Pikes Peak Road Runners in Colorado Springs this Fall... and he loves them!   Maybe a little big for him, but he swears they make him faster...  so I guess I may not get these back for recovery purposes!

Ok.. next up to keep you moving and less pained is another product from Zim's.  Back in 2014 you may remember me reviewing a great foot cream and freeze spray from Zim's HERE.  Great stuff...

This time around, I gave the Zim's Max-Arnice a try.  In addition to a 2% Menthol as a topical analgesic, the Max-Arnice also includes Arnica and Aloe.

Aloe, and it's benefits, I knew about, but Arnica was new.  Arnica is a homeopathic herb that has been shown to help with bruising, aches, pain, arthritis, swelling etc...  so you can't go wrong there!

I like this gel as it is not greasy, absorbs well, and is soft on your skin etc.  The folks at Zim's are providing a tube of you to try as well in the giveaway package below..  Thanks Zim's!

Ok.. last but not least, KT Tape ProX Patches!  Those that know me know that on a long run or race, I am usually held together with kinesiology tape!  I love to use Rock Tape and KT Tape because for me, they really work!

What makes the ProX patches cool is that they simplify some applications that require up to two or more strips in normal tape.  I really like these patches on the back of my Achilles as it allows me to get the fit I need without multiple strips.  And they are pre-cut so when combined with the pre-cut strips, makes application quick and easy.   I haven't tried them for particular pain points, but I can see how they would come in handy for that, with each of the "tabs" you can adjust the amount of tension easily where you need it.   Anyway, anything that easily holds my parts on and eases pain during a long run/race is a win in my books...    a pack of 15 pre-cut patches will be on its way to one lucky winner as part of the giveaway below... Thanks KT!

OK!  For any of you out there struggling with nagging aches and pains, I'm hoping any or all of these products will get you back running like Dasher up there...

Be sure to participate via Rafflecopter wing-dingy below for your chance to win a selection of Salonpas, Zim's, and KT Tape products!  I'll run this contest through Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 10PM MST.  Open to residents of the U.S. only thanks.

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Thanks again for tuning in!  Have a great weekend!

Happy trails!



  1. My most common issues are usually with my shins. Although I do have soreness in other areas; and I'm "dealing with" not running right now due to foot injuries. I have prescribed pads for the foot issues. With the shins I use compression sleeves, Kinesiology tape, and Tiger Balm.

  2. My pain is from rheumatoid arthritis and I have a muscle disease. I use salonpas and the tape. I do light weights and swimming also.

  3. My problem is my back, and I deal with it by using Salonpas, it's the only thing that has worked.

  4. mostly back pain and leg pain. i use salonpas and try to do normal exercises to keep stretching and strengthening

  5. I struggle with shoulder & back pains. I use Salonpas products to help ease the pain. Love that they go straight to the source.


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