Friday, August 16, 2013

ROCK ON! ROCKTAPE and ROCKSAUCE Review and Giveaway!

As you may be aware if you have been following along, I have really been struggling with my Achilles since early this year.  One of the things that has helped keep me running during this time has been Rocktape and Rocksauce.   Check out the review, and if it sounds like something for you.. then of course enter the giveaway for two (2) rolls of Rocktape and a Rocktape sweatshirt!

So.. what exactly is Rocktape and Rocksauce?  Rocktape is a brand of kinesiology tape designed to assist with the management and treatment of common athletic injuries.   But, for a better description of what it is, check out this video:

Rocksauce is your basic Methyl Salicylate cream (20%) which can be applied to sore muscles etc.  Kind of like Ben Gay on steroids.  What is cool about Rocksauce is that it also doubles as a pre-treatment/cleaner for the skin area prior to applying Rocktape AND you can also apply it directly over your existing Rocktape application and it soaks right through without disturbing the tape.

So, how well does it work?  Initially I was a little skeptical.  Primarily because my only experience with taping of any sort was the good old ankle taping from my high school football and track days.  The goal there was to immobilize and stabilize etc.  I poked around at a variety of videos for using kinesiology tape for Achilles Tendinitis (not just Rocktapes videos). It took a  little practice to get the application right, and the way I liked it.  After the first time I thought.. "this can't work.. I can still move my ankle around easily.. is it really doing anything?"  Much to my surprise, with the manner in which the tape was applied, I felt an immediate release of pressure and much less pain at the base of my heel.   Huh... pretty cool!

Also, provided I rounded the corners well and followed directions, the tape sticks really well.  I can generally go 2-3 days easily on an application, and sometimes longer.  Generally I am removing it because I don't need it, versus it coming off by itself.

Exactly as they state above... Rocktape has helped me run longer and stronger than had I not used it. I haven't tried Rocktape for any other issues... thankfully I don't have any others that can't be addressed with foam rolling etc.  However, I would certainly apply it in any situation that it is designed to help with. With respect to the helpful videos for various ailments.. check out the listing of applications and the associated videos to help with applying Rocktape by clicking HERE. 

I started with two rolls, and I am finally just about out.  Saving my last bit for my half marathon coming up on Labor Day!  But, based on the performance, I am going to restock for sure.  You can find Rocktape on Amazon anywhere from $15-$19 a roll.  Each roll is 2" by 16.4 feet, so you can get a lot of applications from a roll. Also, they have a lot of very cool designs, so check it out!

Finally, this has nothing to do with the performance of the product, but everything to do with the kind of company Rocktape is.  The backing on each roll of Rocktape is loaded with all kinds of workout quips and quotes.  Some are funny, some are inspirational, but all kept me entertained at each taping session :-)

Ok... ready to give Rocktape a try??  Thanks to the great folks at Rocktape, you can enter to win two rolls of Rocktape and a cool Rocktape sweatshirt!!  You know the drill...  gain entries below via the Rafflecopter form.  I'll run this contest until Friday August 23rd, 2013 10PM MST.  Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Good luck!!

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  1. Hey Jeff, I have been struggling with Achilles Tendinopathy, left calf, for the last few months. I am doing loads of calf raises, stretches and strengthening exercises. My calves are so tight and tender in the mornings when I first roll out of bed. I feel like they just won't bend. In a run it takes about 3 or 4 k before they warm up, then it feels okay until the end of a run. I am running about 50k a week for training, doing a few half marathons, and my first marathon coming up in October. I use my foam roller religiously after overcoming ITB (same leg) late last year. But, I am not giving in, I will continue running. I am running shorter runs in NB Minimus and longer ones in Saucony Kinvara 4s. I have tried taping but need to look into this brand, and the Rocksauce sounds amazing.

  2. I haven't thought about using tape. I've had trouble with plantar fasciitis and a heel spur this summer. I ran with it for almost 5 weeks (because I wanted to keep training for a race). Then I took a 6 week break from running. I just started my running up again 2 weeks ago. I wonder if that would help with the inflammation.

  3. I have used KT tape and an off brand kinesiology tape for when I had trouble with plantar fasciitis. That's finally gone, but I sprained my ankle a few months back and now my achilles has been acting up an causing heel pain for me. I would recommend kinesiology tape to anyone.

  4. I have never tried using the tape. I am interested though, as I have had ankle surgery and taping with this might just do the trick on days when I need a little extra something... :)

  5. I severely sprained my ankle a couple of years ago about 10 weeks before my first trail marathon. One of the exercises they had me do was stand with one foot on a wobble board. Through a lot of pain, I was able to run the marathon. Ever since then, I have incorporated the Bosu ball (half ball with a flat platform) into my strength training program. I have been doing reverse lunges off the ball and occasionally I do dumbbell front squats on the ball. Since I have been doing this, I have had almost no ankle issues, knee issues, or calf issues. Tape is great for the short term fix, but look to regular strength training to help with chronic issues!

  6. Jeff I use Rock tape and Sauce on my lower back and it works wonders.

  7. I have not tried any, but I have considered it as of late as I've increased my running duration, speed, and frequency. I've also had some extra pains due to the increased activity.

  8. I've tried KT (not that impressed the times I tried it), Kinesio Tex Gold (not bad, but tends to come undone during a run, in spots), and just recently tried Rock Tape recommended by my chiro (it seems to stick the best).

  9. I haven't tried any kinesiology tape, but I've been interested in checking some out. I'm going to keep increasing my running workload, and I'm sure I'll encounter some pain here and there.

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