Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?!: Mayors Cup Race Report and other stuff

Hey... so it's Wednesday yet again!  Since I started doing these "What's Up Wednesday" posts a few weeks ago, it seems time is flying by!


Kind of combining these together this week, and I'll mention why in a second.  As far as running goes, I ran the 5K at the 24th annual Mayor's Cup in our little mountain town this weekend.  I was very happy to set a 5K PR at this race (32:37, my old PR was 35:46), so hopefully a sub 30 is not too far away!  Then again, I don't run many 5K's...  it often takes 2-3 miles to convince my body that we are doing this, regardless of what it thinks, and then I settle in :-)   First run in the Dark Forest tech shirt from INKnBURN as well.. love it.

So why did I combine running/eating this week?  Well, I've been grain free for a month hoping to alleviate the inflammation in my Achilles..  it felt GREAT during the race and the days leading up to it.  However, a few days before hand, I started eating grains again...  but I didn't slowly introduce one at a time or anything like that... nope, just jumped in with pizza crust, tortilla chips etc...   The day after the 5K I woke up feeling like someone was taking a blow torch to the back of my heel...  ouch!!  I had done an 8 mile run two days before the 5K with no lingering issues... so I know it wasn't just over doing it...  it has to be aggravated by the grain intake.

So, to find out for sure, I shut it down again yesterday and will avoid all grains again to see if it fades.  I'll let you know how the experiment goes. I REALLY hope it fades again as my half marathon is coming up on Labor Day and it would be great to run it pain free!

Ok.. I think that is enough of updating with what's up.  Stay tuned however as I have some great reviews coming up.. including Rock Tape, Merrell Vapor Glove vs Vivobarefoot The One, Bedrock Earthquake V2's, Sole Armor and more...  and of course many with giveaway!

Hope it's a great week :-)


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  1. You look great in the INKnBURN Dark Forest tech shirt!


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