Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?! BI Shirts and mild panic...

Hey hey... Wednesday again already!   I'm getting better at remembering my Wednesday feature... hope your week is going well!

Before I jump into a brief update, I wanted to see what kind of interest there is in Barefoot Inclined t-shirts.  I love this logo (designed by my friend Amy and created by my nephew Jacob).

I'm thinking of ordering these and making them available, but I need to get an idea of how many and what sizes etc.  Would you be interested in a shirt if I could get them to you for $13-$19 (shipping to US and Canada included)?  Depending on the quantity and timing, I think I could get them for that price... quality 100% cotton tee's.  I ordered two (that I gave away when hitting 100K blog views), and I liked the quality of the shirt.  My goal isn't to make money, so I'd be selling this for my cost, plus shipping cost.

If you would order one, let me know in a comment below (along with size) OR you can comment on this post on my Facebook page at   Thanks!


I love motivational graphics like the one above.  I sometimes get caught being overly concerned about my pace, especially when I see posts from others running much faster paces.  I realize that it is all relative... someone else's slow, is my fast, and my pace is probably someone else's fast.   I know I'll never be a speedster, but will take any improvement as it comes along.  I think more than anything, I am motivated to go far... I want to see how far I can move my body, regardless of the pace.

Speaking of that, this pesky Achilles is certainly making that tough to do.  I've removed grains from my about a week ago (after reintroducing for 4-5 days).  The inflammation was terrible and it just came out of no where it seems.  Fortunately it is now rapidly fading... and it has to be that diet change that his getting me back on track.

And I NEED to get back on track! Mildly panicking as I signed up for the ADT Half Marathon on Labor Day, and I would really love to be able to better my time from my first attempt at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs race last year.  I missed my runs last week, and Friday will be my last long run before this one... crossing my fingers.


Life is still hectic, but some sense of order is coming back.  Our boys started school this morning..  Such excitement!  They have a great teacher, an awesome school, and we are just looking forward to a great year!

As far as blogging life goes, hold on to your seat.. I have some great reviews I am finishing up.  This week will be an epic clash of the minimalist titans in a comparison review of the Merrell Barefoot Vapor Glove vs. Vivobarefoot The One.  These are both amazing road shoes and the epitome of minimalist running shoes.

Also coming up, Sole Armor, Aftershokz, Bedrock Earthquake V2,  Denon Exercise Freak... and more!

I'll now leave you with a terrific musical interlude..  I have really been enjoying Daft Punk's latest album, Random Access Memories..   below is "Contact" with some terrific sampling from The Sherbs "We Ride Tonight" and Apollo 17's Gene Cernan... love it.  Enjoy!


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  1. love the shirts, jeff... if they are only mens, and thin, then I like an xl, i wear them as cover ups before races and when its a bit chilly out. If you get womens, then a med. I do love a vee neck, just putting that out the logo! Lorraine.


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