Monday, February 22, 2016

Say hello!!

Yes... hello!  A simple greeting, but something I think seems to forgotten in our world today.

Why do I say this?  Well, a few weeks ago I spent a week down in the San Diego area visiting my parents, and took advantage of getting some great trail running in while I was there.

I ran trails a the Mission Trails Regional Park, which has some really great trails and scenery, so of course it can get pretty busy.

Running trails in Colorado, I am used to exchanging "good morning!" or "hi!" with folks on the trail, and often that works into more conversation if time permits, and folks are almost always willing to return a greeting.

What was interesting while running these trails is that I would guess that 90% of the folks I passed on the trail wouldn't say a word, or even make eye contact.  But, being who I am, I always had a hearty "good morning!" for everyone I passed.  Of those folks, a few would respond in kind with a smile.  But more often than not, I would get a slightly startled look... a pause, and then a "good morning" that would come after I was several yards down the trail from them.

It's just an interesting observation that I've noticed every time I go down there.  My guess is that it just comes from being in a more population dense area, and in general, just a different "norm".  Regardless, I wish it wasn't that way, and maybe my startling interactions do some little bit to help folks to connect...  I mean we are all out there enjoying the great outdoors!
This kind of hit home when I read the "We not Me Pledge" on the Human Potential Running Series website.  Check it out by clicking HERE and take a few to read it.. and take the pledge with me!  Although it is focused on the way we participate in, and give back to the ultra running community, I think it makes some great points for life in general.

One of those pledges is for more USsies versus SELFies...    and in that spirit, I'm sharing a few pics of friends on the trail with me last week..   So.. in the spirit of community, make sure the next time you are on the trail (or anywhere for that matter), take the time greet strangers with a big "Hello!"... and soon there will be more friends than strangers in the world :-)

Happy trails!


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