Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NEW!! Umara Z-Trail from Xeroshoes!!! Quick look, and a chance to win!

Xeroshoes Umara Z-Trail

WOW!  Yes... I can't help it. I am excited for the just announced launch of the new Umara Z-Trail from Xeroshoes!

Just about a year ago, Xeroshoes launched a totally new sandal in the Z-Trek, and I had a quick look at them HERE.   Well, a year later brings on the unveiling of the all new Umara Z-Trail.

So what is the difference?  Well, for one, the newly design sole is really light!  5.4 oz, versus 6.5 oz on the Z-Trek, but the composition really makes them feel much lighter.

What surprises me is that the Z-Trails sport a 10mm stack height, versus the 5.5mm of the Z-Treks, but at over an ounce lighter!

The new tread is comprised of 3 unique layers... the light gray in this pic is the new Trail Foam, designed to give the Z-Trails more protection for trails. Light weight and just enough cushion.

The dark rubber on the bottoms at the abrasion points is the standard Feel True rubber found on the Z-Treks and other Xeroshoes sandals. This is the super durable rubber that gives Xeroshoes their 5,000 mile warranty!

Finally, the top is comprised of a Bare Foam layer which is a thin layer, that adds just a tiny bit of cushion and makes these incredibly comfortable!

And at 10mm, the Z-Trails are still really flexible.  As a trail runner, I love the feel of these sandals! I like a little more protection, but not at the cost of ground feel and flexibility, and the Z-Trails seem to have found this great balance in a light weight and comfy sandal.

I've only had a chance to run a few times in these (just got them ahead of the launch), but I think there are some great features that I noticed right away.  Of course, the Z styled strapping system is really great, especially for those of you that want to avoid anything in between your toes.  I was able to dial in the fit pretty quickly, and they feel very stable when running.

And they aren't just for running! These are being touted as the "Ultimate" sport sandal, and I think that title is earned.  While I look forward to running in these, I am also seeing these as my go to footwear all summer long... biking, hiking, just being out and about..   good stuff.

Anyway... enough from me.  Check out the video below from Steven Sashen and let him tell you about the Z-Trails as well.   AND...  be sure to go to the Z-Trail launch site (click HERE) and sign up on the VIP list, and enter to win as well... the more entries, the lower the promotional sale price will be!  The list price on these will be $79.95, which for the quality and design you get, is a great price.  But I look forward to the sale price to be announced March 11th when they go on sale (March 10th for VIP members).

Anyway, check it out and let me know if you have any questions about the Umara Z-Trail!

Happy Trails!


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