Monday, October 24, 2011

Good eats.... free your feets..

Ok...  in addition to working towards pure barefoot running, I also have been working on eating well. But that doesn't mean eating just vegetables, tree bark etc...   I continue to come across amazing recipes that are also great for you. Here's a link to some Raspberry Thumbprint cookies that are grain/dairy/soy free, that somehow magically come out awesome!  Check it out from Lillian's Test Kitchen !

Also this weekend, I was glad my wife was able to  pick up Barefoot Running: How to run light and free by Michael Sandler from the library.  I had started to read it last month, but didn't finish it.  It's a great book, with a lot of training tips that I have been using.  Not so sure about the touchy feely "get in synch with the earth by bonding with it" part, but from a technical perspective it is a terrific resource.

It was a great morning on the Incline, however my time was a bit slow.  I certainly was feeling the effects of not working out for 3 days and being a bit more liberal with my food choices over the weekend.  Regardless, my feet were feeling great on the way down.  I am starting to notice that I am developing more padding in my feet, and they were much less tender today.  The moon was really cool, as it was a crescent, but bright enough you could see the glowing outline of the entire moon.  Snapped the obligatory photo below :-)

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