Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here we go..

Ok, first post to my first blog.  If you want all the gory details about how I got here, you can read the "about me" tab.  

Yesterday I did the Incline around 530 AM. It was another beautiful sunrise, and fortunately not too chilly.  I am concerned as it gets colder how my bare feet (in sandals) will hold up.  I think initially I need to find some toe socks to keep them a little warmer. Eventually I'll have to wear shoes I am sure, but for now I'm holding out!  Did the climb in 47:07 which is a new personal best.  Going again Thursday morning :-)    Attached is a picture from the back side of the Incline I took of Pikes Peak.

Have a great day!


  1. Thank You for starting this Blog :)

  2. When people just let the writing flow it works so well. You're going to help a lot of people if you can get them to just read it once. Great content, wonderful stuff. Some tips for a shortcut to health:

    Raw foods: For most of us its temptation that is our downfall. What if we could eliminate the temptation almost entirely because what we ate was so satisfying we didn't crave the junk? Read raw food forums and you will see that this is a common occurrence when going 100% raw. For B12 eat raw beef/elk/moose/bison liver (frozen for 2 weeks to eradicate any possible parasites). Its the highest source. You need a tiny bit. And it doesn't taste bad at all if you're not eating processed foods. Otherwise mostly vegan is by far the easier way to go as the animal food industry is just packed with pollutants. Who needs the fat? Just your cardiac surgeon depends on you to eat it!

    Mono eating: one food per meal every few hours. No snacks. Eat when you're really hungry, and eat the one food you crave above all others at the moment. That's the nutrients your body needs right then.

    Water fasting: one day a week eat nothing, drink only room temperature purified (RO or distilled), gargling and spitting out before drinking to clean your throat.

    Rest your body and mind one day a week. This works and results in far more energy during the week with far less injuries. And better mental focus; especially the ability to look at your life with perspective.

    Cardio and strength: we need both kinds of exercises to feel our physical best. For strength I've found body weight exercises most effective (for inspiration see Hannibal and Bartendaz on Youtube). For cardio most people find running connects us with the glee we felt when first starting to move at the start of life. What could be better?

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, and thanks for the great info! I have been inserting strength workouts in between the cardio days. Have heard more and more about raw foods, so I'll continue to check it out.


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