Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Legs on Fire"

I normally don't listen to music while trail running, as I find it kind of distracts and detracts from the experience. However, I do often listen to that internal biological iPod we all carry in our heads..  you know, the one that often get stuck on repeat, continuously playing  some terrible song.  Well, today as I was churning my way up the Incline I had the Kings of Leon song, "Sex on Fire" playing in my head..  although since I was in the middle of the false summit grind, the lyrics changed to "Legs on Fire"..  anyway... it made me laugh.. at 530 am... in the dark.. halfway up a mountain... by myself..hmm.. perhaps I have issues.

Ok, what I was supposed to relay was my experience with wearing my hacked up toe socks with my Invisible Shoes.  First, it wasn't as cold as I expected (32 when I left the house, but had to be close to 40 when I started), but I ran with the socks anyway. On the plus side, my toes did stay warmer, and there was very little slipping in the sandal which was good. There might have been a little slippage, but any extra pressure in the toe string may have been mitigated by the socks.  On the downside, the ground feel was certainly muffled, and I could tell it was impacting my form a little.  I think I may just carry them and put them on if I really need them, otherwise, I'll continue to work on conditioning my feet.

Ok then... that's today's post..  posting a video from Kings of Leon so you can have this song stuck in your internal iPod also (at least its a great song!), and a snapshot of today's sunrise from about halfway down.

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