Saturday, November 5, 2011

Am I a freak? Am I "that guy"?

This morning I went down to Colorado Springs to participate in the monthly Nielsen Challenge. It's a two mile handicapped run that the Pikes Peak Road Runners club hosts on the first Saturday of each month.  This was my 3rd one, and my second run in my huaraches.  What amazed me was that out of 114 people that showed up to run, I think I may have been the only one in any kind of minimalist shoe.  I didn't even see a pair of VFF's.  The first two times, I saw at least two people in them.

Granted, it was in the mid to high 20's, but still.  Also, since I was by myself, and didn't really know anyone there, I was just hanging out waiting to start, and I keep noticing these sideways glances.. you know.. where people are looking, but don't want you to know they are looking.  Sure, I was the only guy with exposed feet, but it got me to thinking.... am I really that far out of the mainstream? Am I going to be known as "that guy"? 

Maybe I've been too involved in reading all the other barefoot/minimalist blogs and books, but it just seems to me that everyone would be on this bandwagon with me. I mean, I've never been one to be on the bleeding edge of anything.  Who knows.. perhaps I am out there with a select few... but I'd like to think of us minimalist/barefooter's as the ones really in the know :-)

Regardless, I did manage to cut about a minute off my time, and may have even passed a few octogenarians this time.  And yes, I still outran my couch today.

For those of you bare foot/minimalist runners reading in the Colorado Springs area, maybe you can put down 12/3 on your calendar and come meet me at Monument Valley Park...  at least then instead of "that guy", it could be "those people"!

Have a great weekend!

"Today I will do what others won’t, So tomorrow I can do what others can’t". - Unknown 


  1. Jeff - This blog is great! I love your sense of humor. Robin

  2. Thanks Robin! Stay tuned for more... "like" the barefoot inclined facebook page and you'll know when I update. Thanks for reading!

  3. Jeff - I totally hear ya. Its weird to be known as "that girl" in my neighborhood because I'm the crazy barefoot runner. Its easy to think we are a larger group when we are constantly connecting "virtually" but in reality we're all a bit isolated. Makes me a little sad sometimes and makes me wish I knew more local barefoot runners.

  4. Wait a minute, you live out here in the springs???? Hey I live out here!!!!!

  5. BTW I'm trying to join your site.. Blogger is having tech difficulties! I'll try again later

  6. I'm up in Woodland park! Hope Blogger gets resolved... I set up a facebook page that I post my links to also. Well... ok, now I know there are two of us out here! lol :-)

  7. Wheeee! You're amazing. Sheet. ;-D


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