Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Twincliners"... or.. I can't keep up!

This afternoon I took our 7 year old twin boys up the Manitou Incline for the first time.  Ever since I started doing the incline twice a week in the early mornings before they were awake, they've asked me about it, and whether or not they could climb it.  Today, I said sure.. lets go.  My plan was to let them try it.. and if they got tired early on the less steep part, we could walk back down. And at best, we'd get to the halfway point, and take the cut off trail from there back down.

We got there, and they were very excited. I spent a lot of time yelling "slow down!". First, because I wanted to keep them close to me in case they lost their balance or footing, but mostly because they were dragging me up there faster than I go when I'm pushing myself in the mornings!  Well, we made it to the halfway point no problem, and they were ready to push to the top, however it was late in the afternoon, and I knew that the 3.5 mile hike back down the Barr trail would eat up a lot of time.  So we took the 1/2 way point bailout to the trail back down.

On the trail, we were passed by several people that were running...  so of course, off they went... and again, me trying to rein them in.  A few minor slips, bumps and scratches and they slowed themselves down a bit. But all the way down they wanted to know when we'd be back so we could get to the top.

Needless to say, add two more "incliners" to the rolls..   and yes, I am happy about that!  Included a few pictures below, but to see the rest, check out the Facebook page.

Hope it was a great weekend for everyone..

"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough."
- Joe Louis

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  1. Wow how beautiful! I live out at Schriever AFB.. I need to get out and do that Incline again! But because it's kind of a drive it takes us leaving really early.


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