Sunday, November 20, 2011

On any Sunday...

Anyone remember the movie, "On Any Sunday"?  I realize I am dating myself, as this movie came out in 1971.  Now, my memories of it as a 7-year old growing up in Southern California, was that it was a great movie about motorcycle racing, on and off road, and Steve McQueen was in it.  However, what I remember most was going to the theater to see it (with my older cousins presumably), and that there was a delay in getting the movie started.  What broke out at that point was pure anarchy in the theater, and I remember taking cover behind the seats as Milk Duds and popcorn rained down like dietary shrapnel.   Anyway, is there a point to the story? Not really.. its just Sunday, and this is my random thought for the day.

Coincidentally, we have twin boys who are 7 years old, and today was a special "date" day with dad for one, after earning it with excellent choremanship.  So on this particular Sunday, I was asked to take him up the Manitou Incline.  Since much of this blog is focused on my addiction to the Incline, of course I was more than happy to take him.  I had taken both boys up a few weeks ago, but we only went half way up (1/2 mi), and back down the 2 mi trail.   Today, I was told we would go to the top. So, off we went.. and with a few snack breaks, we made it to the top (1.1 mi and 2,200 ft).  From there we did some rock hunting, and then headed down 3.5 mi of the Barr Trail .  And here is also where I had to chase J all the way down the mountain.  While I slowed my pace for him going up the Incline, he was pushing me faster than I normally hoof it down the trail.  Needless to say, I think there may be a Leadville 100 in his future, based on the pure joy he had cranking it down the trail.   So.. here are a few pics..   hope everyone had a great weekend.

Jogging is very beneficial.  It's good for your legs and your feet.  It's also very good for the ground.  It makes it feel needed.  ~Charles Schulz, Peanuts


  1. What a great kid. That is such a great "date" idea. Looks like you both had fun.

  2. Cool that your son wanted to go do the Incline. Sure a lot healthier thing than most kids want to do these days.

    I used to take my daughters (only one at a time) and let them walk until they got too tired and then put them in the backpack. Once they got to 5 I couldn't carry them anymore though. My oldest did hike to the top when she was 5 but now she's 8 and has only gone to the halfway point since then.

  3. He did enjoy it, and is ready to go again. Funny though, his twin brother has gone halfway once.. enjoyed it, but hasn't asked to go again!

  4. How awesome! Love the photos.

    I also enjoy the downhill. The uphill, though, not so much. LOL


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