Monday, October 30, 2017

"Never Loose Again!" Lacelocker Review and giveaway!

Photo Credit: Homophones, Weakly

Ok... I will admit that when I saw "Never Loose Again!" as part of the LaceLocker logo, I cringed a little.  But, I realize that is just me.  When folks use the word "loose" when they mean to use the word "lose" it drives me crazy!!   But I know we all have those pet peeve grammar mistakes of one sort or another!

But, after learning more about LaceLockers, it made total sense!  No more loose shoe laces!!

LaceLockers are super simple, and super effective way to keep your laces tied up and secure.. a huge plus for runners, especially ultra-distance trail running.  Any little thing can magnify over long distances and time on your feet.  The last thing you need to be doing is tripping on laces, or readjusting your fit.  LaceLocker has solved this issue.  No more double knotting!

I always double-knot for my runs, because I have a tendency to have them come loose, especially when snagging on stuff along the trail.  Also, double-knotting shortens up the excess so I don't get that lace rubbing on the inside of my ankle thing once in a while that can be bothersome.  However, I hated undoing the double-knots, and often just pull my shoe off... I know, not the best tactic.  And then I just delay the undoing of the knot to when I need to put them on again.  Lacelockers solve that problem. By simply unfolding, and tucking the tab shows above under your laces, you are ready to say goodbye to double-knotting or loose laces.

The instructions are super simple..  once on the shoe, you just tie up as you normally would, than then tuck the loops/lace into the locker, and lock it down.  Boom.. done.  The laces don't budge, and no extra lacing flopping around.   And better yet, when done, simply open up the Locker, and untie.. no more double-knots to fiddle around with.

Now, the instructions say to slide the tab under 2 or 3 rows of laces.  On my Carson's, my laces tuck through some tabs in the tongue, so I really only have one open row of laces.  But, no problem!  The LaceLockers still work great.  In the pic above, I hadn't figured out to tuck all of my lace into the locker, hence the extra bit out the top. Now I tuck in the loops and lace ends together, and that leaves a really nice clean top, and the laces don't budge.   Set it and forget it!

Anyway, I love finding cool little inexpensive tools like these.  They really make a huge difference in the annoyance factor!  You can find LaceLockers by clicking HERE, and then follow the links to buy online and see all the cool color and design options.  At $7.95 a pair, these are a terrific value.  They will be on my feet for all future training runs and races!  And, thanks to the cool folks at Stash Sports/LaceLocker, I get to give away two pairs to one of you!  Enter below!

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Happy Trails!