Monday, June 8, 2020

NoSweat! Review and Giveaway


I hope you all are well and are staying safe (but active) during these unprecedented times.  I know I go from being stressed out, to knowing it will all work out eventually..   such is life! 

I'm excited today to provide a review on a great new product, and one that I really find helpful!  If you are human, and you exert yourself, you are going to sweat. And if you love to wear hats when outside like I do, your hats are going to get sweaty..   enter NoSweat!!

NoSweat is a cool company that I just discovered that produces hat and helmet liners that really absorb sweat! I applied one to one of my favorite Orange Mud hats that had yet to be nastily sweat stained. 

So.. as you can tell from the pics above, really a simple product to use.  Quick to remove stickers, align, and attach to a hat.  If you have a mesh back hat like mine, you can see it does come over a little bit, but doesn't really look bad.   So how exactly does it work... and does it work?  I believe it is based on some sort of sorcery, but take a look at my demo video below:

Cool right?   I've since worn the hat two more times with mild sweating, and it seems to still be absorbing.  It is fantastic for keeping sweat out of my eyes, and the hat still looks great!  No nasty sweat stains. 

NoSweat also makes a variety of other liners for helmets, hard hats etc.  Check these liners out by clicking HERE.  You can get them in a pack of 3 (~$2.33 each), 6, 12, and 25 (~$1.39 each).

I think these would be awesome for putting in drop bags for ultra distance races, especially in the heat! 

Anyway, I just think these are awesome.  If you'd like to try some out yourself, the great folks at NoSweat are providing Two (2) 12 Packs of hat liners for me to giveaway to you! 

Check out the entry info below.  And also, as always, questions/comments are always welcome here or on the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page!  

To earn entries, use the Rafflecopter doo-hickey below... Contest ends at 10 PM MST on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and is open to the US and Canada... good luck!

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