Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's GO time!! GO Sleeves Review and Giveaway!

GO Sleeves

Hello!   Yeah, I know its been awhile.  Lately every recent post I put up begins that way!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I hope that all of you and yours are hanging tough during this surreal time in human history. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to have our family stay put and lay low as we try to flatten this pandemic curve, but I know its not easy for all, and very hard on many, so my thoughts are with you.

GO Sleeves
So... since it seems many of us are going to be stuck at home for the next few weeks at least, I thought what a great time to get caught up on some reviews and put up a GIVEAWAY!   It's been awhile and you know I love giving cool stuff away :-) As usual I'm going to blather away, but stick around to the end and enter to win!

Up today are some really cool sleeves from a great new company GO Sleeves. So what are they all about?  Well, if you run long or run a lot, you may enjoy the benefits of compression sleeves and kinesiology tape.

In the past I've reviewed Rocktape, KT Tape, and Recofit Compression.  For long runs and races, I rely on both compression and kinesiology tape to help keep this old body going.  So, I was excited to learn about Go Sleeves!

So what are Go Sleeves? Basically, like a beautiful Reese's cup, its a combination of both compression AND kinesiology!

Thanks go the great folks at GO Sleeves, I was able to try out the calf sleeves.  They are a fantastic combination of a nice consistent compression on my calves, while at the same time, providing the same kind of relief from my Achilles issues that I rely on Rock Tape to help with.

So, as you can see from the inside out view, there is a solid layer of a tacky/sticky material, designed to provide kinesiology support for both the calf and shins.

I'll have to admit, I'm not one to look at instructions first, so I took a run at putting them on, and it was difficult. So.. I checked out a video on the website, and read directions, and boom.. figured out you turn them inside out, slip the bottom portion over your foot, and then roll them up from there.

Then its just a matter of pulling them up.  The trick is to pull them away from your skin, pull up, and align/position where comfortable.

The trick is to remember the logo will be on the inside of your knee, and there are handy little white stripes on each side to help you get the best side to side alignment.  I did recommend they add an L and R for us challenged folks ;-)

Once aligned, and fit where comfortable, they stay put.  I have large calves, so I went with the XL size, especially because I don't like anything too compressive.  These were comfortable, and they did loosen up just a tad after a few runs, but that just made them more comfortable.  

What I loved most about them was that they provided that relief I get after spending 10 minutes taping up my calf to help with fatigue and Achilles issues with k-tape.   So these save time and money! 

They are a very heavy duty construction, and wash up easily.  I machine washed, and then just hung up to air dry.  

GO Sleeve Knee

Fortunately, I don't have knee issues, but for those that do, they also offer a knee sleeve with the same KT features as the calf sleeve.  The reviews I have seen on this sleeve have been fantastic.

Ok.. so you are thinking, are there any downsides?  Honestly, not really, however I will say that these sleeves are not cheap, but I see it as a matter of paying for quality.  I fully expect these sleeves to last a very long time AND it saves me time and money on Rock Tape or KT Tape that I no longer need to use for my calves.   The calf sleeves run $39.95 each at this time, and the knee sleeves are $49.95 each, both with free shipping.  So, an investment for sure, but a solid one in my opinion.  Below is a great video from Go Sleeves that probably explains all better than I can! 

Click HERE for the GO Sleeves story. 

OK.. now on to the fun part.  Thanks to GO Sleeves, I am giving away two products of your choice. Either two calf sleeves, two knees sleeves, or one of each!  

To earn entries, use the Rafflecopter doo-hickey below... Contest ends at 10 PM MST on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 and is open to the US and Canada... good luck!

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Good Luck!  And as always, thanks for following and tuning in.  Peace, and stay safe.