Friday, November 13, 2020

GO Sleeves Knee Sleeve Review and Giveaway!


GO Sleeves

Hey everyone!  

I hope you all have stayed safe and healthy during what seems like the longest year ever!  While things to appear to be much worse pandemic wise right now, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel, so remain vigilant...  wear your mask and be smart..  

GO Sleeves

On the plus side, I have still been able to get out and run, and hoping to do more trail runs now that we are in the cool fall and winter, my favorite time to run!   And helping me out once again are the great folks at GO Sleeves!   Check out my review below, but also be sure to enter to win a Knee Sleeve! 

Back in March... actually right as the pandemic hit.. I posted up a review of GO Sleeves calf compressions sleeves, which you can see by clicking HERE

Knee Sleeve

Based on how much I enjoy wearing the GO Sleeves calf sleeves, I was hoping for the same experience with the knee sleeve.  Spoiler alert... I was not disappointed! 

I actually had the sleeves for some time, but hadn't been motivated to get out on the trail.  Then, someone who had read my review of the calf sleeve emailed to ask my thoughts on the fit and performance of the knee sleeve.  That got me going!  

Anyway, pics below are of the packaging, and the process of putting them on.  Much like the calf sleeve, its a matter of reversing it, and then rolling it back into position.  The great thing is that there is a QR code on the package that will take you right to a video on how best to do it! 

So it does take a little practice in finding the right positioning, but the video is really helpful.  Since this is a combination of KT and Compression, its important to get it positioned well.  But again, fairly easy. 

Once on, these sleeves STICK.   That was the main question I got in the email, which was how well they stayed put during a run.  So off I went..  

 I wore the sleeve for a 4 mile run/hike..    a little more than an hour.  After putting it on and getting it aligned to where I wanted it, there were only a few slight shifts in the sleeve over the first minute or so.  I think it was just adjusting in to a good fit with the motion.

From that point on, it was rock solid.  I did some steep ups and downs on trail...  some easy walking and running as well. Based on this trial, I’m feeling 90+% confident that it is going to stay put.   No shifting or sliding up or down, and no curling of the edges top or bottom.

And I really liked the feel.  Not dealing with any knee issues at the moment, but I noticed that I started to wish I had two sleeves on! Lol...  it’s kind of nice to have that “spring loaded” feeling of good compression on a joint.

It was a little chilly, so didn’t sweat a bunch, but my guess is it will handle the sweat much like the calf sleeves..  you’ll feel it, but won’t significantly impact the fit.

So, there you have it.  Another fantastic product from GO Sleeves.  They retail for $49.95, and like the Calf sleeve, it may seem a little steep, but you have to keep in mind that these sleeves (both calf and knee) provide compression AND the kinesiology benefit, so you aren't spending money on KT or Rock Tape..  and these things are made really well.  Super quality built to last..   Check them out HERE.

But don't just listen to me ramble..   enter below to win one for yourself thanks to the great folks at GO Sleeves!

To earn entries, use the Rafflecopter doo-hickey below... Contest ends at 10 PM MST on Friday, November 20th, 2020 and is open to the US and Canada... good luck!

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Thanks again for tuning in, and good luck. 

As always, comments here or on Facebook are great, or feel free to email me

Happy trails!


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Xeroshoes Mesa Trail and Colorado Review!


Feel the World with Xeroshoes!

Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a great summer, despite the world being turned upside down!  

Hopefully you all have been getting out in the great outdoors this summer (where it is safer), and just enjoying being out there.   I've been pretty good about getting daily walks/hikes/runs in, and I've done a lot of that in Xeroshoes! 

As you may know, Xeroshoes released 6 new shoes this Spring, and I've been spending a lot of time in two of these... the Mesa Trail, and the Colorado.  Yes, I'm a little late in reviewing, but at least now I can give you a solid review, versus first impressions :-)  

So let's start with the Mesa Trail. Above is a short video from my first impressions after receiving them in the Spring.  Since then I've logged a few hundred miles in them...  trail runs, neighborhood walks, hikes, and just general every day use.  Short version? Love them...  Longer version.. stay tuned. 

I thought it might be handy to provide a comparison of the Mesa Trail to the Terraflex I had been running/hiking on trails up until receiving the Mesa Trail.  As you can see, the Mesa is a leaner and maybe meaner version of the Terraflex.  They certainly are designed more for trail running/racing, versus the Terraflex, which, although works for trail running, is a bit more clunkier than than the Mesa. 

And to that point, you can see the Mesa Trail in a Men's 11 comes in over 25% lighter at 8.6 oz versus 11.6 oz for the Terraflex.  I could certainly feel that difference when switching over to the Mesa Trail. 

How do they feel?  I really love the light weight feel, and the overall performance of the shoe.  What it reminds me most of is the old school original Merrell Trail Glove.  Not sure exactly why.. maybe its the styling, and the overall feel.  But it reminded me of that shoe (which I loved), but with a roomier toe box.  So that's a great combination!  

As I noted, I've put a few hundred miles on these, and I have no complaints really.  They are holding up well, with the exception of some tread wear, but that is more on me for putting too many road miles on them :-).   The soles is a 5mm FeelTrue rubber sole, with 3.5mm lugs, combined with a 2mm foam insole (easily removed).  With the insole, the shoes still give some great feedback and a good minimalist feel (as in watch your foot placement on the trail!). 

Two thumbs up...  check them out HERE. 

Next up.... the Colorado!

Now these are cool...  perfect active lifestyle shoe for the state it was named after!

The styling reminds me of the Keen sandals our boys used to live in when they were smaller, but way less clunkier!  As you can see above, the size 11 comes in very lean for as protective as they feel.  The 5.5mm sole is flexible but solid, and of course they do awesome in water..   I've worn these pretty much anytime I wasn't wearing the Mesa Trails, and I love the easy pull on and off with the flexible heel strap.  Biggest surprise was how comfortable they are on the inside to your bare feet.  After wearing socks all winter I was concerned it might be an adjustment, but had no issues at all shifting to barefeet in these sandals (shoes?) Shandals... Sandoes...   whatever :-)  

Regardless of what you want to call them, they are an awesome multi-activity shoe for getting outside and doing the things you love, rain or shine.  I love the open feel of a sandal, combined with some great protection (like when I kick boulders and stuff).   If you are looking for a vegan, zero drop, all activity shoe with a 5,000 mile sole warranty (like all Xeroshoes), them check them out HERE!

Thanks again as always for tuning in.  Speak of which.. stay tuned for the big FALL 2020 release from Xeroshoes!  I should have three (3) new reviews coming out this month (August 2020) highlighting three new models from Xeroshoes, including an awesome casual shoe for the ladies (review courtesy of my awesome wife ;-) 

Happy trails!!


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Birchbury Bramford Review

Hey all!

First off, just wanted to say I hope you are all staying safe during these unprecedented times.  It's crazy out there, so I hope you are all well.  Take a deep breath... we will get through this.  Just be kind to each other, mask up, and wash your hands!

Now, I am really excited to introduce you to some new minimalist shoes.. and no.. they aren't trail running shoes!

What are they?  The new Bramford from Birchbury!  Birchbury is a new minimalist shoe company that launched this Spring, and I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try out their new casual and minimalist shoe.  I was really excited to see these, because as you know, casual and or dress minimalist shoes are hard to find.

So what makes them so great?  First of all, I think they look awesome. They are crafted from a really high quality leather, that is super soft and comfortable.  Of course they are zero drop, and offer one of the roomiest toe boxes in a casual shoe that looks this great. 

Other features include elastic laces (no tying!), a comfortable and unobtrusive insole, and a great every day sole pattern.  

I think what I like most about the Bramfords is that they can go from a totally casual almost tennis shoe look, to a shoe that in today's slightly more relaxed business environment, that pairs nicely with a nice pair of khaki's and a sport coat.  

I was most looking forward to wearing these for work travel and meetings, but alas, the pandemic had other plans... so mostly I've been wearing these around the house, and those limited times leaving the house.  The only thing I noticed was that the back of the heel cup was a little stiff at the beginning, so might rub, but after a few times wearing, it softened up nicely, so no issue there. 

I know.. .would look better wearing pants, but I am "that guy" who wears shorts nearly 100% of the time :-)  


So... to summarize, I think these are fantastic shoes. So comfortable, fit to size, and are very well made. The leather is incredibly soft, and these feel like comfortable slippers, but look awesome. 

Want to learn more about Birchbury?  Click HERE and go to their website to learn all about the company, and there is a great video from Matthew Tran, the founder of Birchbury. 

Most importantly, you can pre-order a pair of Bramfords at a great 35% (for delivery mid September).  This takes the price of $150 (a good value in my opinion), down to $99 a pair! Hurry though, as the pre-order window closes two weeks from today. 

AND... this just in, you can get the Bramfords in black, as well as the brown shown above.  Get a pair of each!

Thanks again for checking in.  If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave them here, or on the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page HERE. 

Happy trails!!


Monday, June 8, 2020

NoSweat! Review and Giveaway


I hope you all are well and are staying safe (but active) during these unprecedented times.  I know I go from being stressed out, to knowing it will all work out eventually..   such is life! 

I'm excited today to provide a review on a great new product, and one that I really find helpful!  If you are human, and you exert yourself, you are going to sweat. And if you love to wear hats when outside like I do, your hats are going to get sweaty..   enter NoSweat!!

NoSweat is a cool company that I just discovered that produces hat and helmet liners that really absorb sweat! I applied one to one of my favorite Orange Mud hats that had yet to be nastily sweat stained. 

So.. as you can tell from the pics above, really a simple product to use.  Quick to remove stickers, align, and attach to a hat.  If you have a mesh back hat like mine, you can see it does come over a little bit, but doesn't really look bad.   So how exactly does it work... and does it work?  I believe it is based on some sort of sorcery, but take a look at my demo video below:

Cool right?   I've since worn the hat two more times with mild sweating, and it seems to still be absorbing.  It is fantastic for keeping sweat out of my eyes, and the hat still looks great!  No nasty sweat stains. 

NoSweat also makes a variety of other liners for helmets, hard hats etc.  Check these liners out by clicking HERE.  You can get them in a pack of 3 (~$2.33 each), 6, 12, and 25 (~$1.39 each).

I think these would be awesome for putting in drop bags for ultra distance races, especially in the heat! 

Anyway, I just think these are awesome.  If you'd like to try some out yourself, the great folks at NoSweat are providing Two (2) 12 Packs of hat liners for me to giveaway to you! 

Check out the entry info below.  And also, as always, questions/comments are always welcome here or on the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page!  

To earn entries, use the Rafflecopter doo-hickey below... Contest ends at 10 PM MST on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and is open to the US and Canada... good luck!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's GO time!! GO Sleeves Review and Giveaway!

GO Sleeves

Hello!   Yeah, I know its been awhile.  Lately every recent post I put up begins that way!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I hope that all of you and yours are hanging tough during this surreal time in human history. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to have our family stay put and lay low as we try to flatten this pandemic curve, but I know its not easy for all, and very hard on many, so my thoughts are with you.

GO Sleeves
So... since it seems many of us are going to be stuck at home for the next few weeks at least, I thought what a great time to get caught up on some reviews and put up a GIVEAWAY!   It's been awhile and you know I love giving cool stuff away :-) As usual I'm going to blather away, but stick around to the end and enter to win!

Up today are some really cool sleeves from a great new company GO Sleeves. So what are they all about?  Well, if you run long or run a lot, you may enjoy the benefits of compression sleeves and kinesiology tape.

In the past I've reviewed Rocktape, KT Tape, and Recofit Compression.  For long runs and races, I rely on both compression and kinesiology tape to help keep this old body going.  So, I was excited to learn about Go Sleeves!

So what are Go Sleeves? Basically, like a beautiful Reese's cup, its a combination of both compression AND kinesiology!

Thanks go the great folks at GO Sleeves, I was able to try out the calf sleeves.  They are a fantastic combination of a nice consistent compression on my calves, while at the same time, providing the same kind of relief from my Achilles issues that I rely on Rock Tape to help with.

So, as you can see from the inside out view, there is a solid layer of a tacky/sticky material, designed to provide kinesiology support for both the calf and shins.

I'll have to admit, I'm not one to look at instructions first, so I took a run at putting them on, and it was difficult. So.. I checked out a video on the website, and read directions, and boom.. figured out you turn them inside out, slip the bottom portion over your foot, and then roll them up from there.

Then its just a matter of pulling them up.  The trick is to pull them away from your skin, pull up, and align/position where comfortable.

The trick is to remember the logo will be on the inside of your knee, and there are handy little white stripes on each side to help you get the best side to side alignment.  I did recommend they add an L and R for us challenged folks ;-)

Once aligned, and fit where comfortable, they stay put.  I have large calves, so I went with the XL size, especially because I don't like anything too compressive.  These were comfortable, and they did loosen up just a tad after a few runs, but that just made them more comfortable.  

What I loved most about them was that they provided that relief I get after spending 10 minutes taping up my calf to help with fatigue and Achilles issues with k-tape.   So these save time and money! 

They are a very heavy duty construction, and wash up easily.  I machine washed, and then just hung up to air dry.  

GO Sleeve Knee

Fortunately, I don't have knee issues, but for those that do, they also offer a knee sleeve with the same KT features as the calf sleeve.  The reviews I have seen on this sleeve have been fantastic.

Ok.. so you are thinking, are there any downsides?  Honestly, not really, however I will say that these sleeves are not cheap, but I see it as a matter of paying for quality.  I fully expect these sleeves to last a very long time AND it saves me time and money on Rock Tape or KT Tape that I no longer need to use for my calves.   The calf sleeves run $39.95 each at this time, and the knee sleeves are $49.95 each, both with free shipping.  So, an investment for sure, but a solid one in my opinion.  Below is a great video from Go Sleeves that probably explains all better than I can! 

Click HERE for the GO Sleeves story. 

OK.. now on to the fun part.  Thanks to GO Sleeves, I am giving away two products of your choice. Either two calf sleeves, two knees sleeves, or one of each!  

To earn entries, use the Rafflecopter doo-hickey below... Contest ends at 10 PM MST on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 and is open to the US and Canada... good luck!

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Good Luck!  And as always, thanks for following and tuning in.  Peace, and stay safe.