Sunday, July 19, 2020

Birchbury Bramford Review

Hey all!

First off, just wanted to say I hope you are all staying safe during these unprecedented times.  It's crazy out there, so I hope you are all well.  Take a deep breath... we will get through this.  Just be kind to each other, mask up, and wash your hands!

Now, I am really excited to introduce you to some new minimalist shoes.. and no.. they aren't trail running shoes!

What are they?  The new Bramford from Birchbury!  Birchbury is a new minimalist shoe company that launched this Spring, and I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try out their new casual and minimalist shoe.  I was really excited to see these, because as you know, casual and or dress minimalist shoes are hard to find.

So what makes them so great?  First of all, I think they look awesome. They are crafted from a really high quality leather, that is super soft and comfortable.  Of course they are zero drop, and offer one of the roomiest toe boxes in a casual shoe that looks this great. 

Other features include elastic laces (no tying!), a comfortable and unobtrusive insole, and a great every day sole pattern.  

I think what I like most about the Bramfords is that they can go from a totally casual almost tennis shoe look, to a shoe that in today's slightly more relaxed business environment, that pairs nicely with a nice pair of khaki's and a sport coat.  

I was most looking forward to wearing these for work travel and meetings, but alas, the pandemic had other plans... so mostly I've been wearing these around the house, and those limited times leaving the house.  The only thing I noticed was that the back of the heel cup was a little stiff at the beginning, so might rub, but after a few times wearing, it softened up nicely, so no issue there. 

I know.. .would look better wearing pants, but I am "that guy" who wears shorts nearly 100% of the time :-)  


So... to summarize, I think these are fantastic shoes. So comfortable, fit to size, and are very well made. The leather is incredibly soft, and these feel like comfortable slippers, but look awesome. 

Want to learn more about Birchbury?  Click HERE and go to their website to learn all about the company, and there is a great video from Matthew Tran, the founder of Birchbury. 

Most importantly, you can pre-order a pair of Bramfords at a great 35% (for delivery mid September).  This takes the price of $150 (a good value in my opinion), down to $99 a pair! Hurry though, as the pre-order window closes two weeks from today. 

AND... this just in, you can get the Bramfords in black, as well as the brown shown above.  Get a pair of each!

Thanks again for checking in.  If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave them here, or on the Barefoot Inclined Facebook page HERE. 

Happy trails!!



  1. They look like they are comfy. I've got some everyday athletic shoes that have elastic laces, I always thought that they were ridiculous, but they are really convenient and help me to be a little lazier. :-D

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  6. I just ordered a pair, with high hopes!

    1. Awesome! Let me know what you think. I love them and am looking at another pair in black :-)

  7. WARNING they don’t last

    Very comfortable, however, sadly they started to come apart after very few time’s wearing them.
    Customer service was unwilling to help after I contacted them with pictures.
    I would not recommend this shoe!

  8. Birchbury shoes;
    WARNING they don’t last!

    Very comfortable, however, sadly they started to come apart after very few time’s wearing them.
    Customer service was unwilling to help after I contacted them with pictures.
    I would not recommend this shoe!


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